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Lessons from Venezuela V2


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When you get your eBook, you’ll learn that Venezuela’s collapse began with an easy, effortless attraction. The people were told that the government could give them a utopia of welfare, free education, and healthcare with no loss of freedom.

It is the same dream being sold to Americans today! For Venezuelans, that dream became a living nightmare:

  • They were promised “free” healthcare. Today doctors are doing emergency surgeries by flashlight, and the sick suffer and die.
  • They were promised “free” college. Today students are indoctrinated. If they protest the socialist regime, they are teargassed, thrown in jail, or killed.
  • They were promised “free” welfare and entitlement benefits. Today, they are eating garbage, cooking their pets for food, losing weight from starvation, and are slaves to the government.

With Americans being lured down this same path, will you donate to help The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) change their minds?

TFAS has a 56-year track record of success. Our nearly 49,000 alumni include men and women who served in the Reagan White House, and today are found promoting freedom in government, business, and journalism. Last year, TFAS sent Andrés Guilarte, a young student who fled Venezuela for America, to college campuses across America. One student at North Carolina State said: “The lecture opened my eyes more to…the dangers of a socialist society.”

Please give now to help TFAS steer young Americans away from socialism.

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