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Mid-Year Alumni Campaign Confirmation


Give Someone the Same TFAS Experience and Opportunity You Had

As you may know, The Fund for American Studies (TFAS)—like many higher education institutions—has been forced to turn our courses and student experience into a virtual one in 2020. But that doesn’t mean that we’ve decided to take fewer students, or give this year’s students anything less than what we gave to you when you were with us—the best we have to offer.

But with this new virtual experience, there have been a number of unforeseen expenses and logistical issues that we did not account for. 

Luckily, a generous alumnus—Bobby Tudor from the Class of 1981—has made available a generous matching grant to inspire fellow alumni like you to help us cover these increasing and unforeseen costs.

Would you consider making a donation to give back to TFAS today? 

When you do, your gift will be DOUBLED up to $15,000 by this matching grant and will be used immediately to:

  • Make sure every young person starting their TFAS journey in 2020 has the best-in-class tools, resources, professors, and connections—just like you did.
  • Make sure that TFAS professors have the resources they need to ensure that students this year acquire critical thinking skills necessary for leadership—just like you did.
  • Make sure that students connect and engage with industry leaders that set them on a career trajectory for success that will shape their lives—just like you did.
  • Make sure that TFAS students in this virtual experience can emerge with life-long friendships that they can keep and rely upon for the rest of their lives—just like you had.
  • Make sure that TFAS mentorship programs can be available for this year’s graduates—just like they were for you.
  • Make sure that TFAS’ special connections and career opportunities can be made available to this year’s graduates —just like they were available for you.

But time is running out — we’re looking for alumni like you to step up and make a special gift of support before our June 30th deadline.

If TFAS helped shape your career trajectory, connected you with friends and mentors that you’ve benefited from since your time within our programs, or if you learned something that materially shaped your thinking from a TFAS professor—would you consider making a gift to make these experiences available for this year’s students?

But time is running out—we need your support before June 30th. And if you act today, there are still matching gift funds available to DOUBLE your impact.

Please consider giving back to TFAS today — and ensuring that students in this year’s Summer Sessions will have the best possible experience and opportunity once they graduate.

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