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We live in a world where students graduate with degrees but have no idea of how the world actually functions. In order to defend the principles of our Founding Fathers, it’s essential to reach future leaders with sound education and experience before it’s too late.

That’s why we’re creating a future where students not only experience a comprehensive education based upon our nation’s founding principles but also learn personal responsibility and skills while participating in a full-time internship in government, journalism, or business that gives them hands-on experience in the heart of Washington, D.C.

Students will learn to see the value and benefit of the free enterprise system that has allowed our country to become the shining beacon of hope that it is around the globe — as well as understand the consequences and failures of ideas like socialism.

Your monthly gift will be used to:

  • Stop anti-American ideas like socialism and Marxism, by expanding the number of Teaching Freedom resources and guides available this year, and growing the marketing effort to get them into the hands of more people — especially young people — who need to be exposed to the truth.
  • Give young people an alternative to anti-American ideas, by expanding the number of speakers we can send to college campuses — like Andrés Guilarte and Jorge Galicia — to enlighten college-aged students to see the dangers of these ideas so that they will reject them.
  • Ensure the future leaders of our country value America’s founding principles, by expanding the number of students who are enrolled in TFAS business, government, journalism, and law programs in 2021.
  • Ensure that our network remains strong so that we can place future graduates on a path to leadership, allowing them to defend your principles from influential positions in culture, government, and business.
  • Stop the mainstream media from serving as a propaganda machine for anti-American ideas and politicians, by training students on the Founders’ vision for a free press, with a duty and responsibility to the citizens to report with journalistic integrity.
  • Defend the Constitution, by ensuring graduates from our law program go on to become scholars and judges who will interpret laws as written, and who won’t legislate from the bench.
  • Go beyond just targeting college-aged students, fighting anti-American teaching at the K-12 level, by expanding the number of teachers, students, and campuses using materials provided by our high school program division, the Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE).

Your monthly gift will accomplish this 365 days per year!

Lead in the fight to defend America against dangerous ideas like Marxism and socialism by activating your monthly gift on the form below.


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