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2010 Freedom Scholars


One thing TFAS loves is its alumni! Always searching for opportunities to bring alumni to DC and participate in programs, TFAS created the Freedom Scholars program five years ago with this goal in mind.

The Freedom Scholars is a group of 14 young alumni who are invited to attend the Annual Conference in April in Washington, D.C. These students have attended a program the previous year (2009) and are selected by TFAS staff based on their engagement in the program and outstanding academic achievement during the institute.

At the conference the scholars are able to interact with other alumni, donors and TFAS staff. They attend sessions with the other participants, which this year included a discussion by Dr. Charles Krauthammer, an op-ed columnist for the Washington Post and a day trip to Mount Vernon.

A special, private session was held for the Freedom Scholars on Saturday morning of the conference. Professor Eric Daniels of Clemson University led a discussion covering several short readings by Ayn Rand. The Scholars also had the unique opportunity of attending the Brick Unveiling Ceremony and reception with alumni, board members and staff on Friday evening. Click here for more on this event.

Below are the participants in the 2010 Freedom Scholars program.

Michael Baker, University of Dallas, ILA

Chelsea Barnett. University of Central Oklahoma, ICPES

Katya Bryleva, University of North Dakota, AIPES

Laura Diepenbrock, Berry College, IPVS

Lauren Goldberg, University of Tennessee, IBGA

Abby Haney, University of Northern Colorado, IPVS

Asia Hege, Gonzaga University, IPJ

Lindsey Hovland, Trinity University, IBGA

Ryan Knapp, Boston College, ICPES

Miles Maftean, Columbia College, CSF

Jenadee Nanin, Washington State University, CSS

Alexander Panosian, United States Military Academy, West Point, AIPE

Caitlin Tejeda, William Jewell College, IPJ

Samantha Joest, Gettysburg College, IPVS


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