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2011 International Alumni Recruitment Competition


AIPE Alumnus Ty Chan (HK 09) recruited 10 students to apply for the 2011 program in Hong Kong.
AIPE Alumnus Ty Chan (HK 09) recruited 10 students to apply for the 2011 program in Hong Kong.

Congratulations to Ty Chan (HK 09) of Cambodia, the winner of the early deadline portion of the 2011 International Alumni Recruitment Competition! Chan shared his experiences in AIPE with his friends and colleagues and recruited 10 students to apply to the 2011 program in Hong Kong.

For Chan, AIPE was an eye-opening experience. Through the program Chan said he gained a better understanding of economic issues, which not only contributed to his academic studies, but also to his social understanding and world knowledge. According to him, the TFAS community makes the world shrink.

Chan is proud to be a TFAS Alumnus, and he shares information about AIPE because he wants others to obtain the same benefits that he received by attending the Institute.

“It’s not about the prize that I get. It’s about introducing the great programs and opportunities to them, which may benefit them for their whole life.”

Thanks to Chan, once again, and to everyone else who participated in the first part of this competition – including Anja Teinovic (A 10) from Serbia who recruited six students for AIPES – you helped us recruit 140 outstanding applicants for our 2011 Institutes! Keep up the good work! Don’t forget, this is an annual competition – you could be the winner next year!


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