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Alumni And Members Of Congress Mingle At TFAS Capitol Hill Event


On March 25, TFAS hosted a networking reception at the U.S. Capitol for our alumni, supporters and friends working on the Hill or in government relations. More than 70 attended, including four members of Congress and 35 TFAS alumni. The evening was an outstanding example of the impact TFAS alumni are making in and around Capitol Hill. Throughout the night, several alumni took the podium to briefly speak about their TFAS experience and how it continues to shape their lives and career path.

TFAS alumnus Kevin Seifert (ICPES 08), now serving as Rep. Paul Ryan’s chief of staff, said he would not be on Capitol Hill today if it were not for TFAS. “Some of my fellow participants can attest to you that it was one of those great transformational experiences,” said Seifert. “It reaffirmed my belief in the importance of public service and that is something that has carried me to today.”


When Alumna Caroline Decker (IBGA 92) spoke, she used the opportunity to thank the supporters in the room who help make TFAS programs possible. “I was a beneficiary of the scholarship program so this is yet another reason to do everything I can to give back and help students who want to come here and learn about our system of government,” said Decker. “Thank you all for your continued support. Those dollars matter so much.” Decker is the vice president of legislative affairs at the American Trucking Association, a corporate sponsor of TFAS.

Members of Congress that attended the event include Rep. Alex Mooney of West Virginia, TFAS alumnus Rep. David Rouzer (IBGA 93, AIPES 94) of North Carolina, Rep. Adrian Smith of Nebraska and Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi.

Alumni in attendance included: David Baldino (IBGA 12), Elle Basile (IEIA 12), Kelsey Brinkman (IEIA 12), Andrew Christianson (IBGA 04, AIPE 05), Kyle Cormney (ICPES 07), Kurt Couchman (ICPES 02), Caroline Decker (IBGA 92), Kerri DiNarda (IPJ 06), David Donadio (IPJ 01, Novak 08), Peter Feldman (IPVS 04, LSI 07), Lauren Goldberg (IBGA 09), Jeremy Harrell (ICPES 07), Gavin Johnston (IBGA 09), Lori Kearns (ICPES 03), Andrew Kugle (IBGA 12), Roy Kulatilake (CSS 12), Joe Lai (ICPES 01), Michelle Le (IPJ 95, AIPES 96), Chris Maneval (ICPES 09), Walter McCormick (ICPES 75), Greg McIlvaine (IBGA 01), Andrew Powaleny (IPJ 08), Naveen Rao (ICPES 94), Roger Ream (ICPES 76), Michelle Reinke Neblett (IPVS 99), Courtney Rohrbach (IPVS 05), Rep. David Rouzer (IBGA 93, AIPES 94), Sam Rubino (IBGA 12), Danielle Ruckert (IPJ 12), Kevin Seifert (ICPES 06), John Simmons (ICPES 91), Dennis Stephens (ICPES 79), Liz Stevulak (ICPES 07), Cornell Teague (IBGA 1999), Joel Troutman (IBGA 13) andJennifer Vasquez (IPJ 12).



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