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Experienced Veterans Share Wisdom with TFAS Student Veterans and Military Cadets


“Veterans have demonstrated their investment with their own sweat and determination to the very same principles that TFAS holds tried and true.” – TFAS alumnus and Marine Corps veteran Sean Heravi ’10, PPF ’15, eloquently described the natural ties between our servicemen and women and the TFAS mission during a veteran-led panel at TFAS Headquarters this summer.

Panelists included Marine Corps veterans Caleb Royster, Ellis Craig, Daniel M. Selli and TFAS alumnus Sean Heravi ’10, PPF 15.

TFAS had the honor of welcoming 22 military veterans and ROTC cadets as students during our 2019 D.C. Summer Programs. We teamed up with the Veterans Leadership Council (VLC) to invite these exceptional students to a panel and networking reception, providing valuable career advice for military service and beyond.

Heravi opened the panel with remarks on what he hopes will be a sustained partnership between TFAS and the veteran community.

“Having experienced the programs at TFAS as a veteran, I honestly cannot think of a more perfect union than between TFAS and the veteran community,” said Heravi. “TFAS as an educational nonprofit strives to impact our world by developing leaders for a free society, and does so by promoting principles of limited government, free markets and honorable leadership. Veterans – whether Marines, Soldiers, Airmen or Sailors – in their service to country as both enlisted members and part of our officer corps traverse the farthest and most turbulent corners of our globe to defend and uphold our nation’s values of freedom and liberty. They do so with a devotion to core values, as evidenced by the Marine Corps’ very own, ‘Honor, Courage and Commitment.’ To put more simply, veterans have demonstrated their investment with their own sweat and determination to the very same principles that TFAS holds tried and true.”

TFAS student veterans and ROTC cadets network during the special panel, structured for the unique professional development needs of military service members.

Haravi, who serves as co-director of strategy for VLC and a research intelligence specialist, worked with TFAS to organize the panel as a way to address the unique obstacles and opportunities that veterans face as they transition from the military to civilian life.

The panel of veterans included Caleb Royster, co-founder and co-president of VLC and consultant with Deloitte; Ellis Craig, co-director of strategy for VLC and a senior intelligence staff officer; and Daniel M. Selli, senior manager of risk management at Capital One.

Selli told students that the biggest lesson he took from his service in the Marine Corps was to stay hungry and true to himself. “Once you get out, be decisive and don’t be afraid to take those values that you learned,” he said. “Don’t forget those qualities that made you awesome in the military and apply them to the civilian world … people hire veterans because they want those tough, decisive traits.”

Air Force ROTC student Sydney Verhine ’19 asks the panelists a question.

Air Force veteran Jon Irigoyen ’19 was one of the 22 veteran or ROTC cadets to participate in TFAS 2019 D.C. Summer Programs. He says the program has provided him with valuable professional connections. “The TFAS organization now holds a dear spot in my heart, and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to become an alumnus of this exceptional program,” he said. “Being a part of this experience has had a huge impact on me, and I am excited to leverage all of the incredible benefits that being a TFAS alumnus will provide me in my future endeavors.”

We at TFAS hope to continue to strengthen our relationship with the veteran community and offer additional scholarships to veteran applicants through the support of generous TFAS donors.


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