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Featured Supporters: The Marescas


Long-time supporters of freedom, Tony and Judy Maresca’s involvement with The Heritage Foundation led them to The Fund for American Studies. They met The Fund’s current Vice President of Development, Ed Turner, when he was the Manager of Donor Relations at Heritage.

When Ed joined The Fund in 2004, the Marescas were interested because The Fund’s values of individual freedom, democracy, and free market economics were in line with the principles they supported through The Heritage Foundation.

In becoming dedicated supporters, the Marescas realized that what they love about The Fund is its emphasis on teaching young people with leadership potential the importance of a free society.

“Dedication and commitment to educating our young people about these timeless and indispensable values,” Tony states, “will assure that the things Judy and I hold dear will be passed on to future generations.”

The Marescas believe that freedom is the most important lesson The Fund teaches its students. “The Fund brings to people our blessing of freedom,” Tony remarked. He recently sent his alma mater, Williams College, information about The Fund’s programs and a request for prospective students.

Tony also keeps in personal contact with The Fund’s leadership, who he says, “are truly committed to passing on our principles of a free society to future generations.” TFAS President Roger Ream, a fellow Wisconsinite and Green Bay Packers fan, along with Ed Turner, and Trustee Fred Barnes visited the Marescas in Milwaukee. The group attended a Packers game and then Mr. Barnes gave a lecture in the city to donors and friends.

Maresca notes the influence of the “personal touch”; “By periodically seeing representatives from the organization, the donors establish a stronger bond. Since coming to Milwaukee, I’ve come to appreciate a handshake many times more than a fax, email or letter.”

Dr. Tony Maresca is an attending anesthesiologist at Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital in Milwaukee, WI. He also holds the title of Assistant Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Judy Maresca is Director of Women’s Services at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Elmbrook Hospital. She is also nursing head of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St. Jospeh’s. She holds a BSN in Nursing and an MBA.



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