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Happy Thanksgiving: Thankful For All That You Do


Thanksgiving is the perfect time to express our deep appreciation for your generous support and friendship. As alumni you know the value of TFAS programs better than anyone else. It’s a life changing opportunity; an introduction to new concepts; a stepping stone to leadership and so much more.

That’s why we want to say a special thank you to all of our alumni donors during this time of Thanksgiving. Thank you for giving back so that other deserving students can benefit from the TFAS experience.


Thank you to the following alumni for their generous support from 1/1/2013 – 10/31/2013:

Nur Amira Abdul Karim (AIPE 07 CSF 07)

Charles Abernathy (ICPES 80)

Elma Agic Sabeta (AIPES 00 IIPES 01)

Hillary Ashton (IPJ 99)

Mary Baker (ICPES 86 )

David Baldino (IBGA 12)

Chelsea Barnett (ICPES 09)

Beckett (ICPES 94)

Britt Beemer (ICPES 71)

Richard Bejtlich (ICPES 93)

Sandra Benic (AIPES 97 IBGA 00)

Steven Brunson (IBGA 10)

Tabetha Cain (IPJ 12)

Patty Ye Cao (AIPE 09)

Andrew Christianson (IBGA 04 AIPE 05)

Alan Clark (ICPES 03)

William Collins (ICPES 74)

Anthony Costanzo (ICPES 82)

David Cuzzi (IBGA 95)

Roseiby Dájer (ICPES 06)

Caroline Decker (IBGA 92)

Frank Donatelli (ICPES 70)

David Draper (ICPES 87)

Randy Dwyer (ICPES 80)

John Ebert (ICPES 74)

Scott Farmer (ICPES 96)

Eric Fox (ICPES 86)

Derrick Francis (ICPES 09)

Joaquin Gallardo (ILA 09)

Patricia Gentry (IPVS 04)

Maxine Giza (IPJ 04)

Marenglen Gjonaj (IIPES 01 EJI 04)

Marianne Goodwin (ICPES 76)

Craig Goolsby (IBGA 97)

Angela Goolsby (IBGA 97)

Brittany Hackett (IPJ 07)

Brian Hail (ICPES 86)

Holly Harris Bane (ICPES 78)

Ronald Hart (ICPES 81)

Stephen Hayes (AIPES 94)

John Hecker (ICPES 71)

Lindsay Hora (IPJ 08)

Chenqi Huang (AIPE 08)

Stephanie Hubbert (IBGA 12)

Rodney Hughes (ICPES 04 IIPES 05)

Hunter Hunt (ICPES 88)

Kyle Hybl (ICPES 91 AIPES 93)

Diane Ivey (IPJ 01)

Hidenori Iwasaki (ICPES 97)

Eric Jenkins (IBGA 97)

Samantha Joest (IPVS 09)

Norman Kaufmann (IBGA 06)

Eileen Kenny (ICPES 79)

Samantha King (IPJ 10)

Kenneth Klatt (ICPES 70)

Richard Kolostian (ICPES 88)

Rasma Kraulis (ICPES 87)

Adam Kwasman (CSF 04)

Edward Lancaster (ICPES 80)

Michelle Le (IPJ 95 AIPES 96)

Traci Leonardo (IPJ 93)

John Lettieri (ICPES 03)

Aaron Lewis (IPJ 93 IIPES 96)

Caijsa Lewis (IPVS 08)

Rosanne Lienhard (IPJ 92 AIPES 93)

Vlad Malamud (IBGA 05)

David Masquelette (ICPES 83)

Lisa Mauer (ICPES 80)

Marcia McAllister (ICPES 72)

Daniel McConchie (IPJ 93 AIPES 95)

Milena McConchie (AIPES 95)

Rachel McDonald (ICPES 83)

Paul McDonough (ICPES 84)

Kelly McGonigal (IIPES 09)

Gregory McIlvaine (IBGA 01 AIPE 10)

Madonna Merritt (ICPES 79)

Jayne Miller (IPJ 07)

Rose Mary Mize (ICPES 71)

Shanley Monroe (CSF 09)

Michael Moroney (IBGA 08)

Karen Navoy (ICPES 72)

Allyson Nelson (ICPES 96 AIPES 97)

Roy Nwaisser (IBGA 92)

Richard Oakley (ICPES 84)

Frederick Olk (ICPES 73)

Zhikica Pagovski (AIPES 10)

Alexander Panosian (AIPE 09)

Lindsey Parke (IBGA 05)

Alexander Pipas (CSS 07)

Anastasija Piskunova (AIPES 05 ICPES 06)

Caroline Poe (IBGA 05)

Deanna Price (IBGA 09)

Daniel Puryear (ICPES 91)

Roger Ream (ICPES 76)

Erin Ream (IPJ 06)

Lauren Ream (IPJ 07)

David Robertson (ICPES 75)

Jacob Rodenbiker (ICPES 02)

Courtney Rohrbach (IPVS 05)

David Rouzer (IBGA 93 AIPES 94)

Kyle-Edward Rowe (IBGA 11)

Robert Rybka (ICPES 78)

Scott Sadler (ICPES 81)

David Satterfield (IBGA 05)

Jesse Schaefer (IPVS 10)

Mark Schoeff (IPJ 89)

Wendy Scott (IPVS 10)

Daniel Sepion (IPJ 99)

Michael Shealy (ICPES 80)

Carrie Sheffield (EJI 06)

Keith Sias (ICPES 85)

Hilton Smith (AIPE 02)

Anna Smith Lacey (AIPES 07 ICPES 08)

James Snider (ICPES 73)

Christopher Spyridon (ICPES 77)

Toby Stock (IBGA 98)

Alissa Swango (IPJ 00 IIPES 02)

Kelsey Swango (IBGA 09 IIPES 10)

Randal Teague (IBGA 99 IIPES 01)

Jessica Teague (ICPES 75)

Valerie Tell (ICPES 83)

Judith Thorburn (ICPES 70)

Pamela Thorburn (IPVS 06)

Nicole Tieman (IPJ 09)

Altin Tirana (IPJ 99)

Robert Tudor (ICPES 81)

Davis Turner (ICPES 82)

Nnanta Uwadineke (ICPES 84)

Laura Vanderkam (IPJ 99)

Melinda Watters Miller (ICPES 87)

Bryan Wood (IBGA 06)

Ghassan Yacoub (IIPES 06 ICPES 07)

Karen Young (ICPES 84)

Hong Ru Zhang (AIPE 06)

Stefani Zimmerman (IBGA 02)




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