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Liberty + Leadership News: April 7


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From Happy Hours to Industry Insiders: How TFAS Alumni Are Staying Connected

National security and foreign policy panel at the first “Alumni Industry Insiders” event.

The TFAS Alumni Engagement team is traveling throughout the country and the globe to connect alumni and welcome recent graduates to the TFAS Alumni Network.

TFAS alumni near and far have connected with one another at exclusive networking events in Chicago, Boston, Indianapolis, Dallas, Raleigh and New York.

This spring, TFAS also introduced ‘Alumni Industry Insiders,’ a networking series aimed at bringing together individuals from the same field or industry to connect.

Read more about these events, see photos, learn about upcoming events and more here.

 TFAS Faculty, Alumni, Supporters in the News

Bill Wirtz ’17 wrote an opinion piece about innovation in agriculture driving climate protection for The Hill.

Wes Parnell ’17, ’18 wrote an article for Politico about Sam Bankman-Fried pleading not guilty to additional charges of bank fraud and bribery of Chinese officials.

Haley Britzky ’16 wrote an article for CNN about six U.S. troops who were diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries as a result of Iran-backed attacks in Syria.

TFAS Trustee Emeritus Mitch Daniels joins Liberty Fund as a distinguished scholar and senior advisor.

Paige Taylor ’21 has accepted a job as a multimedia journalist in Charleston, West Virginia.

Bill Wirtz ’17 wrote an article for Newsmax about how the European Union’s proposed sustainable food initiative may harm American farmers.

Jared Keller ’10 wrote an article for Coastal News Today about the Navy asking lawmakers to fund an experiment in which the service would strap surface-to-air missiles to unmanned surface vessels (USVs) as a possible future defense for military transport ships on the move.

Sarah Westwood, Novak ’15, wrote an article about one hidden danger rising over banks in the following the Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse for Washington Examiner.

Brad Polumbo, Novak ’22, discusses in Washington Examiner Justin Trudeau’s attempt to regulate what Canadians see on the internet.

Jennifer Kabbany, Novak ’02, wrote an article for The College Fix about how some students are demanding that GMU cancel Governor Youngkin’s appearance as a commencement speaker.

Current Novak Fellow Jack Butler wrote an opinion piece for Deseret News in which he states that rebuffing wokeness does not mean affirming genuine injustice, but defying the attempts of a self-appointed elect to constantly redefine reality.

Elise Amez-Droz, PPF ’19, wrote an op-ed for The Spectator about how the CDC overestimates vaccination rates.

Katherine Mangu-Ward, Novak ’05, wrote an opinion piece about why TikTok should not be banned based on hypotheticals for Newsweek.

Brad Polumbo, Novak ’22, wrote an article for Public News Time about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signing legislation allowing “constitutional carry” in his state and the Democrats’ negative reaction.

Ryan Lovelace, Novak ’17, wrote an article about Congress investigating Hollywood’s practice of censoring films in order to appease the Chinese Communist Party for The Washington Times.

Sarah Westwood, Novak ’15, wrote about seven takeaways from the Bragg indictment for Washington Examiner.

Cheryl Chumley, Novak ’08, wrote an opinion piece for The Washington Times about a CNN legal analyst who called Trump’s indictment “underwhelming.”

Haley Britzky ’16 is now the Pentagon producer/reporter at CNN.

TFAS Senior Scholar Dr. Donald J. Boudreaux wrote an article for AIER about economists’ interpretations of the term “consumption.”

Post of the Week

The entire TFAS team is thrilled when students share their excitement about being accepted into TFAS programs, as well as the opportunities that TFAS provides when they begin pursuing careers. Incoming student Malcolm Mahoney thanks TFAS in a LinkedIn post for allowing him to participate in the TFAS Liberty and Learning Fellowship, which will allow him to take classes and intern at The American Action Forum. We would like to congratulate Malcolm on his upcoming internship and wish him all the best with AAF.

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