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Liberty + Leadership News: July 21


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Nothing Short of a Dream: 33rd Annual TFAS Scholarship Awards Dinner Honors Courageous Leaders in Business and Government

TFAS Trustees Bob Pruger and Cary Barnett speak with Ted Tucker, executive director of FTE, at the networking reception.

The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) hosted the 33rd Annual Scholarship Awards Dinner on July 12, 2023, at The Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, D.C. Hundreds of TFAS alumni, students, supporters and friends gathered together to honor several accomplished individuals and support the next generation of congressional and business leaders.

The annual dinner supports students who participate in the TFAS D.C. Summer Programs track on Business + Government Relations. The funds raised give promising college students the financial support they need to spend the summer in Washington taking classes, interning, and benefiting from innumerable professional development and networking opportunities. TFAS is grateful to all the sponsors of this year’s dinner for their investment in the country’s future leaders in business and government.

Read more highlights from the dinner here.

D.C. Summer Programs Midway Point Highlights

Want to know what’s been happening at TFAS this summer? Check out this video featuring highlights from the array of opportunities offered through our D.C. Academic Internship Programs! From historic site visits to professional development and networking nights, there’s no shortage of engaging experiences for TFAS students to live, learn, intern and connect in the nation’s capital!

Roger Ream on Educating and Empowering Young Leaders

This week, we’re celebrating the 50th episode of the Liberty + Leadership Podcast with a special guest – your host, Roger Ream ’76! The Fund for American Studies’ executive vice president Steve Slattery takes Roger’s place as the host this week to interview TFAS’s president of 25 years. The pair have sat at the helm of this organization together for nearly three decades expertly navigating TFAS through countless changes and improvements to make it a leading organization in alternative education and the freedom movement.

 TFAS Faculty, Alumni, Supporters in the News

Emily Schroen ’19 wrote a piece for International Affairs Forum about the Ukrainian education system.

Carrie Sheffield ’06, Novak ’06, hosted the Independent Women’s Forum Policy Chat to discuss protecting lending services for unbanked, low-income Americans.

Irene Benedicto ’08 wrote an article about AI-generated election content for Forbes.

Jory Heckman ’11, PPF ’16, wrote a piece for Federal News Network about the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) taking the first steps to identify what skills federal employees will need to engage with AI.

Clara Piano ’16 reviewed Alexander Salter’s book “The Political Economy of Distributism” for Law & Liberty.

TFAS regent emeritus Dr. Lee Edwards wrote an article for City Bureau on how to use the collective power of the community to prevent undesirable development projects from breaking ground in public settings.

James McCready ’10, PPF ’15, started a new position as vice president, threat intelligence lead at M&T Bank.

Nycollas Liberato ’20, ’22, executive director of Students for Liberty Brazil, was featured for his work to fight for freedom and eradicate poverty in his home country in an article by Atlas Network.

Whitney Smith ’16 started a new position as external communications lead for Rolls-Royce Defense North America.

This year’s TFAS Neal B. Freeman Lecture speaker, David Banhsen, was joined by Stephanie Slade, Novak ’16, on the Capital Record podcast to discuss the beauties of fusionism and why the “new right” overlooks the best cure for what ails us.

Michael Lucchese, PPF ’22, wrote a piece for American Habits explaining how federalism might help us overcome the culture wars.

Madeleine Kearns, Novak ’22, reviews “Sound of Freedom,” Angel Studios’ new movie about child sex trafficking, for National Review.

Katherine Mangu-Ward, Novak ’05, and Peter Suderman, Novak ’10, spoke on The Reason Roundtable podcast about ruling against the Biden administration regarding politically disfavored speech on social media, Twitter’s new competitor, Threads, and the latest from the Ron DeSantis campaign.

Steff Thomas ’13 wrote a piece for The Hill about DeSantis indicating during a campaign event that if he wins the GOP nomination, he would consider Gov. Kim Reynolds of Iowa as his running mate in the 2024 presidential race.

Haley Britzky ’16 wrote an article for CNN about U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordering fighter jets and the destroyer USS Thomas Hudner to be deployed to the Middle East in response to Iranian activities in the Strait of Hormuz.

The Daily Signal’s executive editor Rob Bluey writes about his news correspondent and TFAS alumnus Fred Lucas ’98 losing his White House press credentials in an attempt by President Joe Biden to limit media access to what he frequently refers to as “the People’s House.”

Post of the Week

Austin Givens ’23 from Wofford College appeared on the Facts About PACs Podcast to discuss how her summer internship highlighted the significance of advocacy, how law school is in her future plans, and her experience participating in the TFAS D.C. Academic Internship Programs. Listen to the full interview on Apple Podcasts!

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