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Money Bomb Kicks Off Alumni Scholarship Fund Campaign, “TFAS Is A Springboard”


On June 3, TFAS held its first ever money bomb, a viral 24 hour fundraising campaign in anticipation of students arriving for the U.S. Institutes in Washington, D.C. in early June.

Thanks to the alumni body, TFAS received nearly 70 donations – the largest number of alumni gifts ever received in one day!

Donations were collected via text message for the first time, while others gave on the Fund’s official website, www.tfas.org or by calling in their gifts.

For a list of those who donated to the money bomb, CLICK HERE. Thank you to all alumni who participated in this inaugural event!

A second component of the money bomb was choosing a winner at random who will attend the fall Leadership Network Conference in Palm Beach, Fla. The winner was chosen from the pool of donors from June 3 and will receive free airfare to the event in November.

TFAS proudly announces that alumna Emily Johnson (E 08) was selected as the winner! All alumni are welcome to attend the Leadership Network Conference, which brings donors, board members and alumni together from November 12-13, 2010.

While the money bomb was a one-day event, it was part of the annual year-long Alumni Scholarship Fund Campaign, TFAS is a Springboard. This year’s campaign was named after a brick that Michael Krempasky (E 97) donated in 2009 as part of the Building Future Leader’s campaign.

Krempasky’s brick, which was engraved with “TFAS is a Springboard,” served as a reminder that many alumni view TFAS as the jumping off point of their careers and that deserving students should have the same opportunities.

CLICK HERE for more on the TFAS is a Springboard campaign. This year alumni are encouraged to create teams to fundraise with old classmates, friends or family. If you have any questions about how to set up a team or how to donate, contact kdinarda@tfas.org.


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