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TFAS Announces 2021 International Summer Program in Croatia


The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) is excited to announce a new international program this summer – TFAS Croatia 2021!

At TFAS International programs, participants have the opportunity to explore new cultures while learning from world-class faculty.

Due to the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak, TFAS is not able to host our flagship international programs in Prague and Singapore. In light of this situation, we invited previously-admitted students from those programs to join us in Croatia for a special in-person program this July.

The program will be held at the University of Dubrovnik from July 17 until July 31. Nearly 30 students hailing from seven regions, including South Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, and Europe, will join this summer.

Through the two-week interdisciplinary course, long-time TFAS professors Dr. Ibrahim Al-Marashi and Dr. Nikolai Wenzel will lead two modules. Dr. Al-Marashi will focus on political liberty, examining the ethics of lockdowns and how government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic have been used to curtail liberties. Dr. Wenzel’s module on economic liberty will break down the effects of government pandemic policies and how the “economic way of thinking” can help leaders understand pandemics.

This summer’s unique program will be an unforgettable experience for participants, as they deepen their understanding of the ‘economic way of thinking’ and analyze the myriad policy responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.” – Alexander Archuleta, TFAS Director of International Programs

Participants will also learn about the history of Croatia through sessions on “The Balkans + the COVID-19 Pandemic,” and “Understanding the Yugoslav Wars,” as well as a tour of the Dubrovnik City Walls. Students will also participate in cultural presentations, an event that allows the cohort to share something unique about their home country’s culture with the group through skits, dances, food and more.

TFAS Director of International Programs Alexander Archuleta believes this year’s program will be an invaluable opportunity for students to explore a new culture while learning about political and economic liberty.

TFAS professor Nikolai Wenzel will teach a module on economic liberty this summer in Dubrovnik.

“After such a challenging period of health concerns, remote learning, social distancing, and other stressors related to the pandemic, we’re glad to partner with the University of Dubrovnik this year to offer our students an in-person experience in Croatia,” Archuleta said. “This summer’s unique program will be an unforgettable experience for participants, as they deepen their understanding of the ‘economic way of thinking’ and analyze the myriad policy responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

TFAS International programs bring students of different backgrounds and demographics together for intensive academic courses, and learning that goes beyond the classroom to the dining table, tour bus, and city sidewalks. Students finish TFAS International programs with an expanded network of global contacts; an understanding of individual freedom, human achievement, and personal responsibility; and an international experience to advance their educational and professional development. TFAS Croatia will be no exception to these unique opportunities.

In addition to being a remarkable setting to explore, Dubrovnik’s long history of liberty and entrepreneurial spirit make it a phenomenal place for young leaders to better understand the importance of political and economic freedom.

To learn more about TFAS International programs, visit TFASInternational.org.



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