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TFAS Names Dr. Anne Bradley as Academic Director


TFAS is pleased to announce that Dr. Anne Bradley has been named the George and Sally Mayer Fellow for Economic Education and TFAS academic director. The new full-time position at TFAS is thanks to a generous campaign gift by longtime supporters George and Sally Mayer of Connecticut.

In this new role, Bradley will focus on enhancing the impact and reach of TFAS and FTE economic education programs through courses, seminars, videos and social media.

The battle of ideas is not over. It is being waged heavily in the United States, Western Europe, all over the world. Economic freedom in on the rise globally, but is in decline in the United States.” – Dr. Anne Bradley

Dr. Anne Bradley presents TFAS student Erick Jenkins (LTAP-F 17) with the Fall 2017 Academic Excellence in Economics award during a closing ceremony at TFAS Headquarters.

Dr. Bradley has been teaching for TFAS since 2012 and consistently receives outstanding marks from students in their post-program evaluations. As part of her new position, Bradley will continue to teach economics in the summer and semester programs. She will also deliver lectures around the country and oversee curriculum development and evaluation for economics courses.

According to Bradley, her primary goal as a TFAS professor is to give students a new way of thinking about the world around them. She employs a unique teaching method that strives to “meet students where they are” – providing our young leaders with relatable examples and an “economic toolkit” to understand how economics applies to their everyday lives and can expand opportunities for those most in need. She says, “Exposing them to the economic toolkit will enable them to better process how they should think about important policy questions that will impact their lives and the lives of everyone in our country.”

Through this teaching method, Dr. Bradley helps students break through the noise and see that every policy, news story or personal choice we make has an economic angle. “Every time I listen to Dr. Bradley speak, I learn something new,” says TFAS alumnus John Bush (CSS 16, PPF 17-18). “Each time, she talks about different ideas that are intuitive to economic thinking, but they are things that I would not have picked up on my own.”

Emphasizing how important the work of TFAS is in educating the next generation of leaders, Bradley says, “The battle of ideas is not over. It is being waged heavily in the United States, Western Europe, all over the world. Economic freedom in on the rise globally, but is in decline in the United States.” By leading the way as our new academic director, Dr. Bradley will help ensure that young people in the U.S. and those who attend our programs from abroad will know the benefits of economic freedom.

In addition to her work with TFAS, Dr. Bradley will continue to serve as a fellow at the Acton Institute and teach courses with the Institute for World Politics. Bradley has taught at George Mason University, Georgetown University, Grove City College and King’s College.

Dr. Bradley will be speaking at the TFAS 2018 Leadership Conference in New Orleans Sept. 21-22. More details, including registration information, will be announced soon.


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