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In April 2010 TFAS launched a blog entitled Pileus, which is aimed at promoting individual liberty, individual responsibility and virtue.

The blog includes regular posts by distinguished scholars in the fields of philosophy, law, economics, and political science. Pileus is intended to be a serious, intellectually rigorous group blog that examines public policy issues in light of scholarship in the authors’ respective areas of expertise.

The blog’s name, Pileus, refers to a felt cap that was given to slaves in ancient Rome upon receiving their freedom. Since then, this simple cap has been a powerful symbol of liberty.

Although hosted by TFAS, The Fund does not necessarily endorse any of the content posted. The blog has occasional posts that discuss TFAS programs, highlight and expound on themes that TFAS is teaching in its programs and that enable TFAS alumni to be guest bloggers or interview subjects.

Professor James Otteson, the Charles G. Koch Senior Fellow at TFAS, is managing co-editor of the blog. Otteson says the blog “will be both provocative and timely, even with a bit of irreverence and wit, but it will also bring our scholarly specialties to bear on the issues it discusses.” Visit the blog at www.pileusblog.org.

Below is a list of Pileus’s top 6 blog entries since April. Check them out!

1. Marcus Cole, A Word of Thanks to Four Black Men and A Gun
2. A Fiscal Reality Check by Marc Eisner
3. The Size of the Liberty Bloc by Jason Sorens
4. Governing & Parenting by Jim Otteson
5. The Use of Public Funds for Campus Groups by Sven Wilson
6. Grover Cleveland on whether libertarians are necessarily anti-government


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