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TFAS Welcomes 275 Students to 2024 D.C. Academic Internship Programs


TFAS welcomed 275 students to its eight-week D.C. Academic Internship Programs during a special Welcome Ceremony at George Mason University’s Arlington Campus. Throughout this transformative summer, these aspiring leaders will live, learn, intern and network in the heart of the nation’s capital.

Dr. Anne Bradley welcomes TFAS students.

At TFAS, students immerse themselves in real-world experiences, enhance their leadership skills, and build valuable professional networks through internships at prestigious think tanks, nonprofits, law firms, Congress and government offices in Washington, D.C. By the program’s conclusion, participants gain over 250 hours of practical experience, expand their professional networks and gain insights into diverse career paths.

At the Welcome Ceremony, TFAS Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Anne Bradley warmly welcomed this summer’s students and delivered captivating remarks.

Dr. Bradley’s remarks underscored the profound impact of economic education, highlighting its application in daily life, policymaking and real-world scenarios. She encouraged students to embrace their summer journey with curiosity, openness and a determination to make meaningful contributions to society.

“Understanding economics isn’t just about professional life; it’s about being a better citizen,” Bradley said. “It helps us tackle problems and promote human flourishing.”

LeeAnna Pachter ’14, PPF ’15, shares about her transformative TFAS experience.

TFAS alumna LeeAnna Pachter ’14, PPF ’15, director of human resources Business Roundtable also welcomed the students and shared her transformative TFAS experience, reflecting on her internship at the United States Department of State and its profound impact on her career path. She passionately urged students to embrace TFAS’s networking opportunities, emphasizing their potential to open unexpected doors.

“I encourage all of you to seize the networking opportunities TFAS provides,” Pachter said. “These connections can open doors you never imagined.”

She also highlighted the importance of building a supportive community and fostering lifelong connections through TFAS, encouraging students to value these relationships as they navigate their paths in Washington, D.C., and beyond.

Each TFAS student receives a pocket Constitution.

Following LeeAnna’s remarks, TFAS President Roger Ream ’76 took the stage to address the students.

Ream began his remarks by expressing appreciation for TFAS’s longstanding mission of developing courageous leaders, acknowledging TFAS’s 56-year legacy and the dedicated efforts of its team in crafting a transformative summer experience. He also highlighted the crucial academic partnership with George Mason University, particularly lauding their esteemed economics department, which promises an exceptional academic experience for all students.

TFAS student Reid Huels meets TFAS President Roger Ream at the Welcome Ceremony.

Emphasizing the significance of gratitude, Roger spoke about the importance of recognizing the sacrifices of previous generations, including parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, whose efforts paved the way for present opportunities.

“We have to show our gratitude for people who came before us and aren’t around anymore,” Ream said. “For parents, grandparents and great-grandparents who may have made sacrifices to help you get to where you are today.”

He concluded his remarks by reaffirming TFAS’s dedication to delivering a well-rounded and enriching summer program, setting ambitious expectations for the students’ personal growth and success.

Following Ream’s impactful remarks, TFAS Trustee Chris Ullman, president of Ullman Communications, senior advisor at Narrative Strategies and former director of Global Communications at The Carlyle Group gave the keynote welcome to TFAS students.

Chris Ullman shares advice and expertise with students .

Ullman delivered inspiring remarks urging TFAS students to fully immerse themselves in their summer in Washington, D.C. He highlighted the importance of always “being on the front foot,” encouraging students to actively seek opportunities even in uncertain situations.

“Being on the front foot is about seeing opportunity,” said Ullman. “Even if it’s scary or awkward or the pathway is murky, and the likely outcome is hard to predict.”

His remarks embodied core values of personal growth, resilience, and striving for excellence. Ulman’s impactful words deeply resonated with TFAS students, laying the groundwork for a transformative journey of learning and development throughout the summer and beyond.

Ullman shows off his whistling chops by treating students to his rendition of Beauty and the Beast’s “Belle.”

Following Ullman’s captivating remarks, TFAS Chairman Randal Teague delivered closing remarks.

Teague recognized pivotal role each student plays in shaping their summer experience and emphasized the diverse array of opportunities TFAS provides. He underscored the program’s dual significance, symbolizing both personal growth and an academic exploration of subjects like economics and socialism.

Teague encouraged students to reflect on their goals and aspirations, emphasizing the importance of seeking feedback from peers and mentors to discover hidden strengths.

In his closing remarks, he reminded students of the fleeting nature of the summer ahead, urging them to embrace every moment and maximize their time in Washington, D.C.


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