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Thank You to Our Many Alumni Volunteers


Alumni play a key role in our Washington programs by offering professional guidance, career advice and insider tips about living in Washington.

TFAS would like to extend a thank you to the many alumni who shared their personal and professional time and resources this year. Whether it was helping to set up a briefing or tour or serving as a mentor, internship supervisor or guest speaker, your participation was invaluable to our programs.

This year’s volunteers included:

Roy Abdo

Alyssa Adams

Mary Baker

Nicolas Ballasy

Jillian Barber

Chelsea Barnett

Stephanie Bearjar

Mary Ellen Beatty

Lauren Belive

Angela Berard (Hill)

Adam Berkland

Andrew Bernius

Shant Boyajian

Robin Brand

Tim Brown

Elizabeth Bryant

Jack Callender

Andrew Christianson

Sheila Consaul

Jamie Corley

Joel Corley

Kyle Cormney

Anthony Costanzo

John Costello

Kurt Couchman

Lauren Crawford

Heather Crouch

Robert Cupp

Caroline Decker

Matthew DeLong

Anthony Elghossain

Sterling Emerling

Sara Enan

Laure Fabrega

Peter Feldman

Dara Fennell

Joaquin Gallardo

Dimitar Georgiev

Dominique Gilbert

Elizabeth Goldberg

Marianne Goodwin

Craig Goolsby

Mark Grabowski

Anna Greene

Brittany Hackett

Calleine Harms

Cecily Hastings

Steve Hayes

John Heltman

Julie Herward

Emily Hill

Emily Holden

Lindsey Hurlbut

Brian Jack

Alexandra Jaffe

Jennie Johnson

Mary Lynn Jones

Amira Karim

Norman Kaufmann

Lori Kearns

Melissa George Kessler

Suzy Kianpour

Nikole Killion

Lauren Kirk

Amanda Krause

Davor Kunc

John Lettieri

Kevin Leung

Aaron Lewis

Erika Liliedahl

Christian Lowe

Johnathan Lozier

Colleen Maleski

Natalie Mamerow

Jeremy Marcus

Alexander Marriott

Shannon May

Gabrielle McCaffrey

Mandy McClure

Greg McIlvaine

Vern McKinley

Lindsey Melody

Kim Meltzer

Tricia Miller

Jayne Miller

Blair Mixon

Christopher Molitoris

Alexander Morin

Ladan Nekoomaram

Ann Ngo

Charise Pastor

Gregory Pejic

Ericka Perryman

Alexander Pipas

Andrew Powaleny

Deanna Price

Naveen Rao

Roger Ream

David Reid

Kevin Rosenberf

Vera Salayma

David Satterfield

Jean Schindler

Hannah Schneider

Mark Schoeff Jr.

Alexandra Sekscenski

Lori Shah

John Simmons

Alissa Skog

Mark Stansberry

Dennis Stephens

Toby  Stock

Loren Streit

Anna Stumpf

Danielle Sturgis

Kelsey Swango

Alissa Swango

Mary Elizabeth Taylor

Jessica Taylor

Mike Thompson Jr.

Pamela Thorburn

Nick Tindall

Claire Tonneson

Brian Tumulty

Garet Turner

Adam Waldeck

Janice Ward

Jennifer Weber

Lindsey Weeden

Daniel Westerhof

Joseph Whitehead

Bryan Wood

Katharine Zambon

Stefani Zimmerman

Jeffrey Zubricki

Orest Zuk


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