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Top 11 Alumni Accomplishments Of 2010


Reflecting on 2010, TFAS has much to be proud of, and we can’t wait to brag about it. This year, in the spirit of looking forward, we’ve added a number 11 to our list of accomplishments relating to our alumni activities.

11. TFAS IS BLOGGING: In 2010 TFAS introduced District GPS, an intern’s guide to succeeding in the nation’s capital; TFASasia, the go-to blog for everything TFAS Asia; and Pileus, an examination of public policy and philosophy written by a group of scholars who share a commitment to liberty and personal responsibility.

10. ROUNTABLES BRING ALUMNI AND STUDENTS TOGETHER: In 2010 TFAS added a new successful element to its U.S. Programs agenda. Each Institute offered small group discussions during which alumni volunteers answered questions and offered advice to TFAS students.

9. INTERNATIONAL ALUMNI NOMINATE RECORD NUMBERS: During its 2010 recruitment contest, TFAS International received its highest number of students ever to be nominated by alumni – with 179 of these students attending an international Institute. Besa Rizvanolli (A 08, CSS 09) of Kosovo won second place in the contest and generously donated her $200 prize to Kosovar students attending TFAS programs.

8. ALUMNI CHAPTERS HOLD EVENTS AROUND THE WORLD: TFAS now boasts 25 active alumni chapters in the U.S. and abroad. In 2010, 36 alumni events were held in 21 cities and 11 countries, strengthening the global TFAS network.

7. TFAS SHOP OPENS: Now alumni, supporters and students can show their TFAS pride all over the world while giving back as all proceeds go toward the Alumni Scholarship Fund. CLICK HERE to visit the shop.

6. OVER 150 ATTEND ALUMNI WEEKEND: Alumni reunited in Washington, D.C. during this annual extravaganza. Events included a kick-off celebration on a private yacht, the annual beach barbeque at Georgetown University and a visit to some of Georgetown’s famous nightlife spots during the M Street Stroll.

5. TFAS FELLOWS ENTER FIFTH YEAR: To date, 70 young alumni have participated in the TFAS Leadership Fellows program, a year-long series for leaders with a commitment to improving public policy. Stay tuned for information on a future fellowship geared toward young journalists.

One of many alumni volunteers in 2010, Eric Tanenblatt (E 87) of McKenna Long and the Corporation for National and Community Service speaks to IPVS students.
One of many alumni volunteers in 2010, Eric Tanenblatt (E 87) of McKenna Long and the Corporation for National and Community Service speaks to IPVS students.

4. VOLUNTEERS GIVE TIME AND TALENT: 158 alumni served as speakers, mentors, small group leaders and intern supervisors for the TFAS classes of 2010.

3. MAJOR WEB INITIATIVES ARE LAUNCHED: 2010 proved to be a big year for new media at TFAS. Aside from unveiling a new website and an online flickr photo gallery, TFAS also presented its first live web cast of Dr. Charles Krauthammer’s appearance at the 2010 Annual Spring Conference. Visit www.TFAS.org/Videos for an index of all TFAS videos.

2. ALUMNI GIVE BACK: The “TFAS is a Springboard” campaign attracted the support of alumni from every Institute, raising thousands of dollars for student scholarships. During a pair of one-day “Money Bomb” viral fundraisers, nearly $5,000 was raised, and for the first time alumni were able to donate by texting through their cell phones.

1. ALUMNI NETWORK KEEPS GROWING: After the 2010 programs TFAS boasts more than 11,000 alumni around the world!


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