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U.S. Institutes Alumni Recruitment Contest Winner


Over 50 alumni took part in the Summer 2009 U.S. Institutes recruitment contest, helping to recruit our largest class ever!

Cyndi Munson (IPVS 07), a graduate student at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, won the contest by encouraging three of her former classmates to enroll in the institutes. Munson attended the Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service in 2007 and served as the IPVS Program Advisor in 2008. Munson is an alumna of the University of Central Oklahoma and is currently earning her Masters of Science degree in Leadership Development from UNL.

Of her TFAS experience, Munson said, “My life was changed after spending a summer with TFAS; it helped me to realize the ways in which I can make a difference and aided me in defining my goals for the future. Upon returning to campus, I made it my personal responsibility to ensure that others at OCU were aware of the programs!”

She was awarded $400 towards travel and accommodations for Alumni Weekend 2009 for her efforts in recruiting students.

“Cyndi makes it a priority to tell other students about her experience at TFAS,” said Recruitment and Admissions Assistant Haley Heieck (B 07). “She is a wonderful spokeswoman for the programs and we are so grateful for her help.”

A big congratulations and thank you to our second place winner, Molly Muilenburg (J 07), who was given a $150 gift card and third place winners, Molly Hamm (P 08),Kathryn Sanford (P 08), and Jamison Rounds (E 91) who were awarded $50 gift cards each.

TFAS also welcomes a number of legacies attending the Institutes this summer. The following alumni have recruited family members to attend an institute this summer:

• Caitlin (E 06, A 08) and William Bigham (J 03) recruited their sister Emily to attend IBGA
• Lawrence Hanna (E 75) referred his daughter Jessica to IPVS
• Kenneth Klatt’s (E 70) daughter Kathryn will be attending ICPES
• Lauren Khouri (B 08) encouraged her brother Jonathan to participate in ICPES
• Alanna Ream (A 07) recruited her sister Kelly to attend IIPES this summer
• Alissa (J 00, I 02) and Blake Swango (B 02, A 04) encouraged their sister Kelsey to attend IBGA
• Colleen Wilmoth (J 99) and Meghan Jenkins’ (B 04) sister Kara will be attending IPJ

Also, thank you to the following alumni who are professors and university staff across the country for referring new students to our programs this summer:

• Gary Armstrong (E 84) – Professor, William Jewel College
• Roy Ginsberg (E 73) – Professor, Skidmore College
• Jeanine Yutani (E 98) – Internship Coordinator, University of Southern California
• Amy Sponsler (P 01) – Program Manager, Office of Volunteer Programs, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
• Rodney Hughes (E 04, I 05) – Trustee, Pennsylvania State University Board of Trustees

TFAS would like to thank all alumni who referred a student participating in an Institute this summer. Alumni truly are our best resource in recruiting top students!

Alyssa Adams (P 08)
Kathleen Adams (E 07, EMJI 08)
Alex Berger (P 08)
Colleen Clemons (E 04, I 05)
John Compton (E 99)
Brandon Ehrie (B 06)
Megan Frewaldt (P 07)
David Grant (J 06, EJI 08)
Abby Hagan (B 07)
Liis Halling (E 08)
Amanda Harris (B 08)
Thomas Hendrick (J 06)
Michael Jayne (E 07)
Adam Jenkins (E 03)
Daniel Johnson (J 07)
Andrew Kelley (B 08)
Divya Kumar (P 08)
Johnathan Lozier (B 08)
Trevor Martin (J 06)
Jaclyn Pardini (J 08)
Tamara Pavasovic (AIPES 00, E 01)
Louisa Polos (P 06)
Rick Puig (E 08)
Xiaoying Qi (P 08)
Xin Qi (J 08)
David Ray (E 07)
Paul Sass (B 00)
Debbie Sim (P08)
Katherine Smith (CSF 07)
Sarah Smith (B 07)
Kathryn Stanko (E 72)
Sarah Steines (J 03)
Elizabeth Stevulak (E 07)
Kendra Sundal (E 08)
Miriama Svetkovska (E 08)
Taggart Wall (P 08)
Ann Warren (J 93)
Ariel Zirulnick (J 08)


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