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U.S. Programs Graduation


On Friday, July 30, 395 students graduated from the U.S. programs held at Georgetown University. John Allison, former chairman and CEO of BB&T Bank and Distinguished Professor of Practice from Wake Forest University, gave the keynote address while students from each of the 4 institutes gave testimonials about their summer with TFAS. CLICK HERE for the featured student testimonial and quotes.

Allison spoke to the students about principled leadership, providing them advice for how to be successful in their careers while making a difference and achieving happiness in life.

“An interesting thing happens when you’re clear about your purpose and you use your thinking capacity to accomplish your purpose; you get to do something very important. You get to raise your self esteem. Self esteem is the foundation for happiness,” said Allison.

John Allison with student Britney Montgomery from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte after the graduation ceremony.
John Allison with student Britney Montgomery from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte after the graduation ceremony.

Every year after the graduation ceremony, each Institute hosts a smaller breakout session to distribute certificates to students. During the breakout sessions, each program also honors outstanding students who were nominated by staff and faculty to receive an Institute award. These students were recognized for their achievements in the classroom and success in other components of the Institute.

ICPES Awards
Dr. George Viksnins Economics Award: Stephen Holmgren, University of Florida
Academic Excellence in Political Science: Ania Hodges, Chapman University
Academic Excellence in Foreign Policy: Sean Heravi, Pennsylvania State University
ICPES Outstanding Participant: Barak Matite, Kansas City Kansas Community

IPJ Awards
Academic Excellence: Natalie Dickson, University of Mississippi
Academic Excellence: Meg Beasley, George Washington University
Frank Shakespeare Award for Broadcasting: Zuzana Pickova, Charles University
John Chamberlin Award for Print Reporting: Cal Colgan, Flagler College
Communications Award: Susan Barr, Texan A&M University
IPJ Outstanding Student: Tom Sandford, New Mexico University

IBGA Award
George Peabody Award: Louanne Woznicki, Clemson University

IPVS Awards
Academic Excellence: Mary Jean Chan, Swarthmore College
Academic Excellence: Chelsea Biegler, University of Vermont
IPVS Outstanding Participant: Chris Dixon, Brevard College

To catch a glimpse of the 2010 summer, check out this SLIDESHOW. For more photos of graduation, CLICK HERE.



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