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Watch: Venezuelans Warn “If You Like the Shutdown … Then You’ll Love Socialism”


TFAS Venezuelan speakers Jorge Galicia and Andrés Guilarte told us the pandemic in America is giving them flashbacks to life in a socialist country. We asked them to tell us about the similarities in this new video that warns how socialist policies create a permanent pandemic-like state.

In a time when so many Americans are suffering, supporters of socialism say its policies and practice will help society’s most vulnerable. But as socialism escapees living in the U.S., Jorge and Andrés say this crisis is giving Americans a taste of what it’s really like to live in a socialist country.

Learn how Jorge and Andres are warning college students about the dangers of socialism at TFAS.org/Venezuela.

Empty shelves and long lines at the supermarket … incentives to report on your neighbors … massive unemployment and economic uncertainty. In America, these are temporary symptoms of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is the everyday reality of life in socialist Venezuela.

Jorge and Andrés escaped their home country of Venezuela after an oppressive regime crippled the economy, caused widespread starvation, blanketed the nation in blackouts, and silenced and jailed those who dared to speak out and criticize the government.

Now, during the pandemic in America, they are experiencing flashbacks to their lives back home and say supporters of socialism should take note and heed their warning.

“Let one of the lessons you learn from this pandemic be that that the last thing you want to do is be like Venezuela,” says Andrés. “Please do not take your freedom for granted,” warns Jorge.

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, Jorge and Andrés were touring college campuses across the United States as part of our initiative, “Venezuela: My Story … Your Future?”

Although the virus has forced us to postpone in-person presentations, the two men are getting their message in front as many people as possible, including through webinars and this video warning.

Spread the Message + Join the Fight

As Americans deal with the consequences of a nationwide shutdown, we want them to know that socialist policies are not the answer and will only lead to a permanent pandemic-like state. Help us spread the message by using the buttons below.

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Do you have a group that should hear Andrés or Jorge’s message firsthand? If so, please contact TFAS Executive Vice President Steve Slattery at sslattery@TFAS.org or 202-986-0384 to schedule this FREE educational opportunity. We can host webinars and look forward to in-person sessions as soon as possible. Reach out today to schedule or visit TFAS.org/Venezuela for more information.


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