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Campus Speakers + Outreach


TFAS scholars and outreach fellows are available to college campuses and organizations around the U.S. to further share the principles of freedom. These speakers offer exciting and engaging lessons on free markets, America’s founding principles, personal testimony to the truths behind myths of socialism, economic analysis of current events and more.

Thanks to generous support from TFAS donors, these speakers are available at no charge.


Jorge Galicia


  • Venezuela..My Story, Your Future
  • Everything I Hate About Capitalism is Actually Socialism

Christian, lawyer and freedom fighter – these are the words that define Jorge´s life. Before socialism devastated his country, Jorge lived a life not unlike that of middle-class Americans. But now, he is one of 4 million Venezuelans who have fled their country following its economic, social and political collapse. Living under a socialist tyranny showed Jorge the dangers of letting the State grow. From a very young age, he has been speaking out about the very real damages caused by socialism and has made it his life’s mission to win the fight. He was a member of Estudiantes por la Libertad (Students For Liberty Latin America), serving as a coordinator from 2015-16 and a senior leader from 2016-17. Today, he travels college campuses speaking out and sharing his story.

Jorge is available to speak to your university or campus group and share his story.

To book Jorge for your campus or organization, please contact TFAS Executive Vice President Steve Slattery at slattery@TFAS.org. To learn more about this series, please visit TFAS.org/Venezuela

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Dr Donald Devine HeadshotDr. Donald Devine


  • Constitution Leadership Seminar: The Enduring Tension and the End of an Era
  • Ronald Reagan’s Philosophical Fusionism: Zombie Conservatism or Civilizational Essential?
  • Freedom and Tradition: The Philosophy of Conservative Fusionism
  • Political Management of the Bureaucracy: By Reagan’s Terrible Swift Sword of the Civil Service
  • The Political Science Constitution Verses the Legalist Constitution

Donald Devine is senior scholar at The Fund for American Studies in Washington, D.C. He served as President Ronald Reagan’s civil service director during the president’s first term in office. During that time, The Washington Post labeled him “Reagan’s Terrible Swift Sword of the Civil Service” for cutting bureaucratic excesses and reducing billions in spending.

Before and after his government service, Devine was an academic, teaching 14 years as associate professor of government and politics at the University of Maryland and for a decade as a professor of Western civilization at Bellevue University. In the definitive work on Frank Meyer’s essays, Devine was listed as one of the dozen “leading lights” of the postwar fusionist reevaluation of conservative and libertarian thinking.

He is a columnist appearing regularly in The American Spectator, The Imaginative Conservative and Law & Liberty and is the author of 10 books, including his most recent, “The Enduring Tension: Capitalism and the Moral Order” and “Political Management of the Bureaucracy.”

Today, Devine writes and teaches young people, speaking about reviving the Constitution and what Reagan called the secret of its success: the way it harmonized freedom and tradition in its fragile balance called federalism.

To book Dr. Devine for your campus or organization, please contact TFAS Special Events Director Jane Mack at jmack@TFAS.org.

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Anne Bradley Headshot WebDr. Anne Bradley


  • Human Flourishing and Economic Freedom
  • The Paradox of Democratic Socialism
  • The Political Economy of Terrorism
  • Christian Theology and Economic Freedom

Dr. Anne Rathbone Bradley is the George and Sally Mayer Fellow for Economic Education and vice president of academic affairs at The Fund for American Studies. Through this position, Dr. Bradley works to enhance the impact and reach of TFAS and FTE economic education programs through courses, seminars, videos and social media. She also delivers lectures around the country and oversees curriculum development and evaluation for economics courses. In addition to her role as a fellow and vice president of academic affairs, Dr. Bradley continues to teach impactful economics courses to TFAS students and consistently receives outstanding marks in students’ post-program evaluations.

Previously, Dr. Bradley served as the vice president of economic initiatives at the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics, where she continues to research a systematic biblical theology of economic freedom. In addition to her work with TFAS, she is a professor of economics at The Institute for World Politics and Grove City College. She is a visiting professor at George Mason University and has previously taught at Georgetown University and Charles University in Prague. She is currently an Acton Affiliate scholar and a visiting scholar at the Bernard Center for Women, Politics & Public Policy. She is a lecturer for the Institute for Humane Studies and the Foundation for Economic Education.

Dr. Bradley is the co-editor and author of “Counting the Cost: Christian Perspectives on Capitalism,” “For the Least of These: A Biblical Answer to Poverty,” and “Be Fruitful and Multiply: Why Economics is Necessary for Making God-Pleasing Decisions.”

She served as the associate director for the Program in Economics, Politics and the Law at the James M. Buchanan Center at George Mason University. Dr. Bradley’s academic work ranges on the question of income inequality and economic freedom as well as the political economy of terrorism, with specific emphasis on the industrial organization of al-Qaeda. Her academic research has been published in scholarly journals and edited volumes. She is currently working on a book that analyzes the political economy of al-Qaeda post 9/11. Based on her academic research, she also worked as an economic analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency’s Office of Terrorism Analysis.

To book Dr. Bradley for your campus or organization, please contact TFAS Director of Public Policy + Economics Program Laura Cusack at lcusack@TFAS.org.

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