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September EOM Fundraiser


At The Fund for American Studies, we are a passionate community of principled individuals who believe in the power of free-market economics. We understand that the world is changing rapidly, and to preserve the values we hold dear, we must invest in developing the next generation.

Right now you have the opportunity to make a big impact: For every $25 you contribute, we can reach and educate at least 1,000 Americans. Many of these people are currently being indoctrinated by left-wing professors on their home campuses. Your support enables us to counteract that one-sided narrative on social media and college campuses, and instead teach them the importance of the facts on freedom.

Your small dollar donation is a powerful tool for change. By supporting TFAS, you’re shaping the future of education and fostering critical thinking among the leaders of tomorrow.

The effort you sponsor could change someone’s mind today!

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