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Don Fell

Director, E&E and One Day Programs


Donald Fell serves as director of programs for TFAS’s high school programs, the Foundation for Teaching Economics. He directs programs including The Institute on The Environment and The Economy, The Right Start Institute and One Day teacher programs.

At the University of South Florida, Don served as a member of the Executive MBA and Professional MBA faculty, director of executive and professional education and senior fellow for the Institute for Public Policy and Leadership.

Don has taught numerous undergraduate courses, including principles of macroeconomics, microeconomics, labor relations, and money and banking. At the graduate level, he has taught public administration, global and managerial economics, and the business of medicine.

He is a member of the Foundation for Teaching Economics’ faculty and is past president of the National Association of Economic Educators. He has taught at The Ohio State University, the University of South Florida, Illinois State University and La Rochelle University Business School in La Rochelle, France.

Prior to his current work in economics, Don worked as a manufacturing, engineering and econometric consultant for Sundstrand Corporation; a lecturer at the University of Costa Rica; a program consultant for the New York City-based National Council on Economic Education; a consultant for PERC; and as strategy consultant for a variety of law firms, orchestras and nonprofits. He is a founding board member of Trxade, a publicly traded pharmaceutical company, and he previously served on the board of Fiona, an India-based water purification manufacturing company.