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Rosolino Candela

Professor, Economies in Transition


Dr. Rosolino Candela teaches Economies in Transition for TFAS U.S. Programs in Washington, D.C. Dr. Candela is a senior research fellow and associate director of academic and student programs, as well as a senior fellow of the F.A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.

Prior to George Mason University, Candela taught in the department of economics at Brown University, where he was also a postdoctoral research associate in the Political Theory Project. He was also a visiting professor of economics at Universidad Francisco Marroquin, and a visiting fellow in the department of political and social sciences at the European University Institute.

He received his Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University, his master’s degree in economics and international political economy and development from Fordham University and his Bachelor of Arts in history and philosophy from St. John’s University. His research applies Austrian economics and public choice to understand historically the emergence and enforcement of property rights and its implications for economic development. His research interests also encompass the history of economic thought, economic methodology, and price theory.

In 2016 and 2019, Candela was nominated for the George Mason University Career Connection Faculty Award.