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Joseph Starrs

Director of Journalism + Communications and U.S. Programs


Joe Starrs directs the Journalism and Communications track and U.S. Programs at TFAS. He came to TFAS after several years working in radio, television and public relations. He appreciates that his current position allows him to work with college students and many of the journalists from his previous career at the same time. He formerly served as vice president of communications for Veritas Media Group, where he produced documentaries and radio programs as well as television commercials. He also provided on-camera media training for government officials and business executives.

Additionally, Joe worked as a senior correspondent for FCF News, where he interviewed members of Congress, White House officials, political candidates and policy makers. He has fond memories of surprising Members of Congress by jumping into their taxis to land exclusive interviews with them.

Joe has appeared on Fox News, CNN, “Good Morning America,” the BCC and numerous other print and broadcast media outlets while working on a campaign to mobilize Catholic voters. He resides in South Riding, Virginia, with his wife, Irene. They’ve been blessed with six daughters.