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Support Our Veterans Scholarships on Veterans Day


America’s veterans are patriotic individuals who understand the importance of this country. They’ve risked their blood and honor to defend our nation. That is why The Fund for American Studies, is proud to offer our veterans scholarships for our programs that will assist them in their military career and after.

Our programs benefit veterans in a number of ways:

  • They give our veterans the opportunity to gain skills and education through TFAS that will help them succeed in their military careers and after.
  • On-the-ground, full-time internships provide veterans with opportunities to work with leaders in fields such as government, journalism, and business.
  • The comprehensive education at TFAS is based on America’s founding principles, which gives veterans a unique understanding of our country, its government, and the economy.
  • By bringing some of the most devoted Americans into this program, we are able to help cultivate future leaders all the way through from their university studies and to their professional careers.