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TFAS 50th Anniversary Campaign


TFAS Launches 50th Anniversary Campaign


Multi-Year Plan to Engage and Energize a Leadership Force Advancing the Cause of Liberty for Decades to Come

Liberty and free enterprise are threatened today as never before. An ever-growing state and a dangerous cultural divide put at risk the American experiment in liberty. The ideas and institutions that produced the space for Americans to invent, innovate, invest, create and build the greatest and most prosperous nation in human history are under assault.

Our challenge today, if we want our Republic to survive, is to renew the unifying principles that define us as Americans. People from all walks of life need to come together and re-embrace the principles that animated the American founding. The TFAS Journey provides the answer to our challenge.

Make A Difference With Us

We are more than $9 million toward our goal of raising $25 million to support our campaign initiatives. Make a gift today to join TFAS as we embark on a new journey to ensure that rising generations are prepared to lead with a solid understanding of the values most conducive to human flourishing.



Combatting Economic Ignorance

Starting in high school, we will combat economic ignorance by providing an immersive experience and ongoing support to students and teachers focused on economic literacy.

Creating the Leadership Scholars Program

Through our new Leadership Scholars Program, we will attract the most outstanding college students around the country by providing full-tuition scholarships.

Enriching & Expanding Our Programs

We will expand and enrich our programs to ensure that students leave our programs prepared to defend and champion the principles of liberty, free markets and the American founding in their careers and spheres of influence.

Engaging & Supporting the Alumni Network

We will engage our alumni by expanding our alumni relations office as well as offering career placement services, ensuring alumni secure jobs where they can make a difference as honorable leaders advancing liberty and free-market economics.

Sustaining Our Critical Work

Finally, the campaign will sustain our critical work by providing resources to ensure our other vital efforts are continued.

The TFAS Impact


A Global Network of Alumni Leaders Making the Difference for Freedom

The TFAS Journey equips young people and working professionals with the tools they need to protect and promote liberty. Today, there are more than 42,000 TFAS and FTE alumni making the difference in their communities and throughout the world by upholding the values essential to the preservation and success of a free society.

The Fund for American Studies is about human capital … My experience in the summer of 1978 was both foundational and transformational.” – Clint Bolick (ICPES 78)
Associate Justice on the Arizona Supreme Court

Teaching Liberty + Leadership to Rising Generations

+  Increased Support for Capitalism  | 64% of TFAS students strongly agreed that capitalism is the best way to ensure human well-being and individual empowerment, compared to just 20% at the start of the program.

+  Decreased Support for Government Interventionism | 60% of students said governments are incapable of understanding when markets fail and how to effectively fix them. That’s a 15% increase over the start of the program.

+  Better Appreciation for Free Speech and the Marketplace of Ideas | 96% of students reported that the TFAS free speech series gave them a better understanding of First Amendment rights. 87% said that TFAS helped them become more open toward ideas they disagreed with.

+  Campus Ambassadors for Liberty | 80% of students said they have applied what they learned at TFAS in discussions with classmates at their home universities.

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