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You’re about to learn that America faces a threat so fundamentally anti-American and so powerful that it can only be overcome with an equally powerful renewal, re-education, and response with true American principles.

That new threat is the topic of your eBook: Identity Politics. But while you’re learning about this potentially fatal danger to the Republic, you can already be effectively fighting to stop it. In fact, you need to begin fighting—without delay, and with high impact.

As Professor Joshua Mitchell (the author) warns, “If we”—that’s you and me—“do not respond to it, America is over.” He reiterates for good measure, “If this idea persists, we will soon no longer have a Republic.” He warns, “The scapegoat Identity Politics offers up for sacrifice is the white heterosexual man. If he is purged, its adherents imagine, the world will be cleansed.”

“Identity Politics,” he shows, “wants to declare that the task of politics is to banish citizens… to banish, purge, and humiliate a group.” This purging has already begun. If not countered with truth from a new, informed generation of young conservatives in education, journalism, law, and government, we are in trouble.

With America’s future hanging in the balance, only those who truly love our country and want to preserve it for future generations stand in the way of its history and greatness being rewritten and destroyed.

This is exactly the purpose of The Fund for American Studies (TFAS).

Would you consider making a gift today to partner with us to teach future leaders of government, law, journalism, and business to value America’s founding principles?

You can give with confidence and pride. We have a 53-year track record of success. Our more than 42,000 alumni include men and women who served in the Reagan, Bush, and Trump administrations, and today are found promoting freedom in government, law, business, and journalism.

But we are 100% donor-supported. We do not take a penny from the government and are only limited to the support we receive from generous donors like you.

If you believe that more students need to be taught the values of America’s founding by professors like Dr. Joshua Mitchell and others like him—then your support today will do just that.

And when you give a gift of $50 or more today—we’ll also be able to present this and other Teaching Freedom guides like it to more people—especially young people—to open their hearts and minds to the truth about America’s founding principles.

Equip young Americans to stop Identity Politics and defend America today.

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