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Capital Semester Students Maintain Virtual Access to the TFAS Alumni Network Through Video Discussion Sessions


How has completing the spring Capital Semester program virtually impacted students’ access to networking events and resources? Thanks to video conferencing technology, TFAS students have had the opportunity to virtually meet with various alumni and faculty for engaging discussion sessions, briefings and guest lectures. TFAS D.C. Summer Program alumna Lois Goh ’13 spoke with Capital Semester students via video discussion to share networking tips and advice on working in Washington.

Lois Goh ’13 gives TFAS students a glimpse into her work at the World Bank during a visit in July 2019. Now, she continues to connect with students via small group virtual discussion sessions. 

After graduating from Flagler University with a bachelor’s degree in communication, Goh pursued a master’s degree in communication, culture and technology from Georgetown University in 2014. Since 2016, Goh has worked in communications for the World Bank, where she currently serves as a communications analyst with the sustainable development, Africa region.

University of Indiana Bloomington student Hunter Grate ’20 said that he found Goh’s advice reassuring as he and his classmates prepare to complete their TFAS semester virtually amid the growing uncertainty of the global coronavirus pandemic. 

“Lois was very helpful in encouraging us to continue working toward our goals,” said Grate. “She reassured us that even though we are struggling with this experience right now, if we work hard enough we will achieve great things in the future despite the ongoing crisis.” 

Earlier this semester, TFAS students Jack Goldsmith ’20 (left) and Shannon McSkimming ’20 (center) participate in an alumni “speed networking” activity with alumnus Danny Butherus ’16 (right).

Shannon McSkimming ’20 from Flinders University in Australia shared initial concerns that the virtual guest lectures would not be as beneficial as those that were in person. She soon realized, however, that was not the case. 

“I really enjoyed our talk with Lois Goh,” McSkimming said. “Despite the lecture being held via Zoom, it didn’t change the quality of the discussion, which I found to be quite engaging.” 

Goh closed the discussion by offering resume and cover letter assistance to students as they complete their undergraduate studies in the near future. 

“I would love to help each of you reach your end goal in any way I can,” Goh told students. “Whether it’s looking over your resume or cover letters for whatever you’re applying to, I’m here to help you all.”

During their virtual closing ceremony this May, Spring Capital Semester students will join a global network of more than 42,000 TFAS alumni, providing them with access to mentorships, networking opportunities and a number of professional resources. TFAS thanks almuna Lois Goh ’13 for taking the time to share her advice with Capital Semester students this spring.


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