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D.C. Summer Programs


TFAS D.C. Summer Programs bring together top students from across the country and around the world for an eight-week academic internship experience in the nation’s capital. The intensive and comprehensive program combines academic courses for credit, internships, housing, site briefings, guest lectures, a professional development series and mentorship program. D.C. Summer Programs applicants can choose from a variety of program tracks based on their areas of interest and experience.

The economics course has been the single best class that I have ever taken. It has developed my confidence in critical thinking more than any experience in my life. It’s everything that I’ve wanted in an education – an open marketplace for my assumptions and ideas to be constantly challenged.” – Jack Willett ’17


A group a students hears an economics class lecture at George Mason University as part of the D.C. summer internship program.
Inside TFAS classrooms, students study concepts often left off the curriculum at their home universities.

Bringing the ideas of liberty to life

Inside TFAS classrooms, students examine free-market economics and public policy in upper-level courses taught by our award-winning faculty and accredited through TFAS academic partner George Mason University. Each program track requires a three-credit course in economics and offers students up to six additional credit hours through optional elective courses in “American Foreign Policy,” “American Political Thought” and “Ethics and Leadership.” Students can also elect to participate in an interactive internship seminar that focuses on career-building activities.


A TFAS student practices radio broadcasting at her journalism and communications D.C. summer internship.
TFAS has been creating academic internship experiences for more than 50 years and works with over 300 top organizations in D.C.

Gaining Real-World Experience

TFAS D.C. Summer Programs students are placed in professional internships where they work for approximately 30 hours per week. Through their internships, students test themselves in their chosen professional fields, gain work experience, develop skills and make professional contacts. For decades, TFAS has forged relationships with leading organizations in public policy, journalism, government relations, business and philanthropy, ensuring students have access to the most challenging and fulfilling internships in Washington, D.C.


A student asks a guest speaker questions after a TFAS lecture.
Amb. Julia Chang Bloch speaks one-on-one with students following a guest lecture.

Beyond the Classroom

TFAS D.C. Summer Programs give rising young leaders exclusive access to people and places that can broaden professional horizons, make vital career connections and share eye-opening insights and lessons. Students explore D.C.’s powerful institutions at exclusive site briefings and gain firsthand knowledge from key professionals at networking events and guest lectures. In 2018, students heard from more than 100 guest speakers including top economists, journalists, policy makers, scholars and industry experts.

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If you or a young person you know is interested in applying for the TFAS D.C. Summer Programs, please visit our recruitment website at www.DCinternships.org.


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