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Featured Alumna: Allison Holmes (IBGA 07)


Allison Holmes (IBGA 07) came to Washington, D.C. in the summer of 2007 to participate in The Fund for American Studies’ Institute on Business and Government Affairs. Her internship was with Alticor, Inc (Amway) and was an experience Holmes says paved the way for her career path of advocating on behalf of a company or organization.

According to Holmes, living in the nation’s capital was extremely exciting – from living in Georgetown to commuting to work everyday and arriving at Union Station.

There is so much energy already in the city. Then you add the energy of those who participate in the TFAS program, and it creates an incredible atmosphere of learning and fun,” said Holmes.

A key lesson Holmes says she learned at her internship was how important it is to do your research and know the reasons for siding with a particular position and then learn how to articulate that point of view accurately. It was because of her internship experience that Holmes decided she wanted to “work on the outside.” “While I enjoyed working on the inside, at the state level being able to focus on the issues that matter most to me is more fulfilling,” said Holmes.

Since her experience at TFAS, Holmes has worked as a development manager, focusing on direct mail and grassroots fundraising at the Sutherland Institute, a state-based nonprofit think tank. She is currently employed at the Utah Association of Public Charter Schools, a nonprofit focused on advocacy, training and support for Utah’s charter schools. At the Utah Association she serves as the development director. While fundraising is her main focus, she also works in communications, grassroots organizing and operations. Holmes has also opened her own company, A&H Consulting, LLC, that specializes in nonprofit fundraising and consulting. On top of her busy career, Holmes serves on two boards, Parents for Choice in Education and Utah Virtual Academy. She has also been actively involved in education reform since 2000. Holmes lives in Farmington, Utah with her family.


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