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Featured Supporter: Peter M. Kravitz


Peter Kravitz is an active member of the Board of Visitors for The Fund for American Studies’ Institute on Business and Government Affairs (IBGA). Kravitz serves as the director of congressional and political affairs at the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). In this position, Kravitz is responsible for day-to-day contact with members of Congress and their staff regarding legislative issues – primarily in the auditing, accounting and legal liability areas.

As a member of the Board of Visitors, Kravitz is pleased with the amount of effort TFAS puts into granting scholarships to students. He says that it is scholarship opportunities that allow students to expand their learning when they typically would not have the means to participate.

Having worked in the financial industry since 1976, Kravitz finds the TFAS IBGA program of particular interest.

It’s a pleasure to work with an organization that knows and understands the relationship between business and government.”

Kravitz believes IBGA does a great job explaining this relationship to up and coming professionals and enjoys watching the students learn a facet of the way this country is supposed to work that they otherwise might not learn.

The AICPA has been a financial supporter of The Fund for American Studies since 1994. Each summer AICPA hosts an IBGA intern, with Kravitz serving as his or her supervisor. Kravitz says he is always impressed by the students’ knowledge and skills.

As intern sponsor, AICPA makes it a priority to give the students an understanding of all the ways that the CPA profession interacts with government. To that end, the intern will rotate through the five points of contact the AICPA has with the government: federal congressional relations, federal regulatory relations, tax, corporate communications and state legislative activities. This allows the intern an opportunity to take full advantage of their work experience and their time in D.C.

Kravitz received an A.B. degree from Boston University in 1970, a J.D. from Boston University School of Law in 1973 and an L.L.M. from Georgetown University Law Center in 1976. He also graduated from the executive development program of The Pennsylvania State University Graduate Business School in 1986. Kravitz resides in Arlington, Va. with his wife Ramone.


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