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Liberty + Leadership News: December 9


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A Venezuelan in America: Why I’m Grateful for Capitalism

Jorge Galicia has made it his life’s work to travel around and warn students at U.S. college campuses about the dangers of socialism.

Last month, TFAS Outreach Fellow Jorge Galicia wrote about all the reasons he is grateful for freedom and free markets in an article for The American Spectator. He shared about the ways Americans have the freedom to choose how to live and thrive, thanks to our free market system.

“I am grateful that in this country, everyone has the opportunity to create their own destiny and wealth and that hard-working individuals have the freedom to acquire skills and build their own enterprise to compete among other goods and services, sans government oversight,” he wrote in The American Spectator. “I’m grateful that we all benefit from the innovations, options, and competitive pricing that comes from this free market.”

As a Venezuelan who grew up under the socialist regimes of Maduro and Chavez, Jorge knows exactly what government overreach can turn into: complete tyranny and overrule.

Read more of Jorge’s reminders for gratitude for freedom in The American Spectator.

Kyle Hybl on Leadership and Philanthropy

Kyle Hybl ’91, ’93 is the president and chief executive officer of the El Pomar Foundation and is a former member of the Board of Regents at the University of Colorado. Kyle has both a bachelor’s degree and J.D. from the University of Colorado. In 2019, Kyle received the TFAS Alumni Achievement Award for his dedication and service to TFAS. Kyle is a two-time TFAS alumnus, participating in the Public Policy + Economics program in 1991 and TFAS’s first-ever Prague program in 1993.

In this week’s Liberty and Leadership Podcast, Roger and Kyle discuss his experiences in post-Soviet Eastern Europe, his time in the Judge Advocate General Corps, being an elected member of the University of Colorado Board of Regents, and his work on the behalf of all Coloradans leading the El Pomar Foundation.

 TFAS Faculty, Alumni, Supporters in the News


Molly Buening ’16 started a new position as a legislative assistant for the Office of Congressman Greg Pence.

Outreach Fellow Jorge Galicia shares why we should be grateful for capitalism in an article for The American Spectator.

Brad Polumbo, Novak ’22, wrote about the extension of the student debt pause in an article for The New York Post.

Jesse Schaefer ’10 was interviewed on WBAL about volunteer opportunities for the Boys and Girls Club.

Robby Soave, Novak ’17, was a panelist on Fox News with Howard Kurtz.

Jeanna Smialek’s ’11 book, ‘Limitless: The Federal Reserve Takes on a New Age of Crisis’ will be available in February.

Jovan Tripkovic ’19 interviewed a family in Jerusalem that has tattooed Christian pilgrims for 28 generations.

TFAS Senior Scholar Dr. Donald Devine wrote an article for The American Spectator about how bureaucratization haunts modern presidency.

Mary Robb Wilson ’03 authored her first children’s book, ‘Soulshine.’

Nina Trentmann ’08 wrote an article for The Wall Street Journal about CFOs contemplating about selling bonds or turn to shorter-term options due to high interest rates.

Kylee Griswold ’17, PPF ’19, wrote about a series of Vanity Fair interviews with artist Billie Ellish in an article for The Federalist. TFAS alumnus Joe Sabia ’05 is the director interviewer.

TFAS Senior Scholar Dr. Donald Devine shared his experiences and expertise in an interview with the Future of Freedom Podcast.

Abby Guidera, PPF ’19, started a new position as associate director at the Hertog Foundation.

Leslie Corbly ’14 wrote an article about privacy in the digital era for AIER.

Ambassador Jakub Kulhanek ’07 made opening remarks at a conference in New York about how to combat anti semitism.

Captain Brady Gartman ’16 started a new position as an instructor of economics at the United States Air Force Academy.

Drena Kusari ’02, ’03 started a new position as the first general manager for Bumble.

Rebecca Richards, PPF ’21, wrote about how effective altruism and Sam Bankman-Fried share a fundamental flaw in an article for The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Elise Amez-Droz, PPF ’19, wrote an article for STAT about how ‘The U.S. doesn’t need a new ‘essential hospital’ designation.”

Jordan Harding ’05 started a new position as director of external relations for the American Federation for Children.

Matthew Continetti, Novak ’08, was interviewed on The Wall Street Journal Podcast about what happened on election day and what that could mean in 2024.

Robby Soave, Novak ’17, wrote about the mid-term elections with a focus on Arizona in an article for Reason.

Elise Amez-Droz, PPF ’19, co-wrote an article for The Hill on how the federal government could enable midwives to play a greater role in maternal care.

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