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Liberty + Leadership News: Jan. 2, 2019, Quick Links Edition


Happy New Year and welcome to our special TFAS Quick Links edition of Liberty + Leadership News. See TFAS alumni, staff, faculty and friends who are writing and making headlines over this holiday season.

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Quick Links

Matthew Walther, Novak ’16, reflects on the end of the decade in an article for The Week.

TFAS Academic Director Dr. Anne Bradley is quoted on her expertise on the continued threat of terrorism in an article for Fox News.

TFAS Regent Emeritus Dr. Lee Edwards is a featured guest on the Lars Larson Show discussing growing support for socialism in the U.S.

Ryan Lovelace, Novak ’17, reports for The Washington Times on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s new advocacy group.

Kaamala Neupane ’17 shares how her home nation of Nepal could learn from the ongoing economic crisis in socialist Venezuela.

Post of the Week


Incoming TFAS student Dom Hall received a special gift under the tree this holiday season: her acceptance to TFAS Academic Internship Programs! “The best gift is one that furthers my education,” she said. Hall has been awarded a partial scholarship to attend Summer 2020 TFAS programs in Washington, D.C.

TFAS Senior Scholar Donald Devine opines in The American Conservative on why Americans fear trial by jury.

Michael Brendan Dougherty, Novak ’09, responds to the National Review’s dissenting impeachment opinion on MSN.

Amber Phillips ’07 co-hosts coverage of the House impeachment debate and vote for The Washington Post.

TFAS professor Richard Benedetto opines for RealClear Politics on political correctness during the holiday season.

Joel Pollak, Novak ’18, opines for Breitbart News on free press implications of media and tech companies self-censoring practices.

Ryan Lovelace, Novak ’17, reports for The Washington Times on Facebook’s controversial political advertising policies.

Trustee Fred Barnes opines on GOP unity amid impeachment for The Wall Street Journal.

Regent Emeritus Lee Edwards opines for Fox News on the most important lessons of the Cold War.

TFAS Senior Scholar Donald Devine offers his perspective as Ronald Reagan’s director of the Office of Personnel Management when the president fought against the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO) strikes in 1981 during an interview for NPR’s Planet Money.

TFAS professor Dr. Donald Boudreaux opines for Trib Live on global technological supremacy race between China and the U.S.

Joel Pollak, Novak ’18, writes for Breitbart News on new census reports indicating a lost congressional seat in California for the first time in history.

Chris Moody, Novak ’19, writes for Reason on a new tiny home neighborhood providing homeless people with places to live, work and thrive in Austin.

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Jennifer Kabbany, Novak ’02, reports for the College Fix on correction request by scholars concerned with errors of the 1619 Project from The New York Times. The requests follow 2018 Rago Fellow Elliot Kaufman’s report for The Wall Street Journal.

Regent Emeritus Dr. Lee Edwards opines for the Daily Signal on how communist China continues to suppress its citizens.

Trustee Emeritus Mitch Daniels opines for the Washington Post on setting aside political differences during the holiday season.

Robby Soave, Novak ’17, opines for Reason on the new anti-vaping policies enacted in Texas schools.

Riley Catone ’15 is now a director of candidate development for Major, Lindsey & Africa in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Carmen Geha ’08 writes about her experience during the ongoing Lebanese revolution for The New Arab.

Robert Bellafiore, PPF ’19, authored his first piece in The American Conservative to review the new book “The Third Pillar: How Markets and the State Leave the Community Behind” by Raghuram Rajan.

Watch a Video of TFAS 2019 Highlights

Matthew Continetti, Novak ’08, opines for the Washington Free Beacon on the decay of the economic and security infrastructure of the postwar world.

Amber Phillips ’07 writes in the Washington Post reveals a unique perspective on the House of Representatives during impeachment debates.

Faysal Itani ’03, 06 is now the deputy director of non-state actors in fragile environments at the Center for Global Policy.

Robby Soave, Novak ’17, writes for Reason on the state of public school funding in the U.S.


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