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Liberty + Leadership News: May 5


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Remembering Professor Dr. Gordon Lloyd

Dr. Gordon Lloyd speaking to TFAS students during AIPE 2007.

The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) mourns the passing of Dr. Gordon Lloyd, a dedicated professor and scholar who taught for the TFAS program in Hong Kong in 2007.

Dr. Lloyd’s passing is a great loss to the academic community and to those who knew him personally. Our thoughts and condolences are with his family and friends during this difficult time.

Following Dr. Lloyd’s death, TFAS President Roger Ream ’76 issued a statement in which he described Dr. Lloyd as a delightful person and distinguished scholar of the American founding and the principles of constitutional republics.

“Gordon was a delightful person and distinguished scholar of the American founding and the principles of constitutional republics. Whether as a member of the faculty of the Pepperdine School of Public Policy, a visiting scholar at the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University, an active member of the Philadelphia Society, or in his many other capacities, including teaching for TFAS, his curious mind was always offering interesting insights and provoking thoughtful discussions.”

Read more about Dr. Lloyd’s legacy here.

Tim Carney on Social Capital: The Key to America’s Success

In this week’s episode of the Liberty + Leadership Podcast, TFAS President Roger Ream ’76 and Tim Carney, Novak ’03discuss the vital importance and meaning of “social capital.” Tune in for Tim’s fantastic overview of economic competition, cronyism, civil society, localism and religion in America.

Jason Clemens and Ted Tucker on the Realities of Socialism

In last week’s episode of the Liberty + Leadership Podcast, TFAS President Roger Ream ’76 was joined by Jason Clemens, executive vice president of The Fraser Institute, and Ted Tucker, executive director of TFAS high school division, the Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE), to explore the realities of socialism. Roger, Jason and Ted discuss the findings of a recent Fraser Institute study that compares public perceptions of socialism and the differences between communism and socialism. They also talk about the responsibility to educate high school students on the ramifications of socialism and the important work both TFAS and Fraser are doing.

TFAS Chairman Randy Teague Shares Insight on How the U.S. Can Gain Leverage over Russia

After the unjust arrest of The Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich last month in Moscow, TFAS chairman Randy Teague suggests that greater energy independence can increase U.S. leverage over Russia.

Teague explains that Gershkovich’s arrest – the first American reporter’s arrest on Russian government orders since the end of the Cold War – is only for the benefit to protect Russia. “President Biden should expand U.S. production, including reopening fracking and streamlining permitting of domestic energy projects,” Teague said in National Review.

“This increase in supply, as well as the initial signals it would send to global energy markets, would reduce the price of each barrel, thereby returning us to the energy independence of the post-Obama years, stoking domestic economic recovery, and inflicting financial pain on Russia and its oil-dependent economy.”

Read more about Teague’s insight in National Review here.


 TFAS Faculty, Alumni, Supporters in the News

Lav Odorovic ’10 was featured in an article about entrepreneurs securing funding from venture capitalists.

Jeremy Harrell ’07, PPF ’10, wrote an opinion piece for The Washington Times about fixing the broken energy permitting system.

Benjamin Weingarten, Novak ’19, wrote an article for The Epoch Times about The House GOP effort to defund wokeness.

John Hirschauer, Novak ’22, wrote an article for The American Conservative about teenage criminal behavior.

Alex Cartwright ’12 was interviewed about “navigating today’s market” on the Real Estate Investing Podcast.

TFAS Senior Scholar Dr. Donald Devine wrote a piece for The American Spectator about Ronald Reagan being the answer to conservative disarray.

TFAS Outreach Fellow Christian Watson writes about diversity politics for Washington Examiner.

Nikole Killion ’97 is a featured correspondent for CBS News Streaming Network’s new show “America Decides.” The show premiered on May 1.

David Ray ’07 is a 2023 Fellow at the Club for Growth Foundation.

Billy Binion, Novak ’22, wrote an article for Reason about home equity theft and the story of Geraldine Tyler.

TFAS Senior Scholar Dr. Donald J. Boudreaux wrote an article for AIER in which he discussed some of the factual and economic errors of “common good capitalism.”

Daniel Oliver writes for American Greatness about William F. Buckley, Jr. and mentions TFAS as one of the organizations he founded.

Jack Butler, Novak ’22, mentions TFAS Senior Scholar Dr. Donald Devine in an article for National Review about what Ronald Reagan can still teach us.

Juana Summers ’08 was interviewed by The 19th News on how four women of color see their roles as hosts at NPR.

Dan Proft ’93 participated in a “Beyond the Talking Points” debate with Juan Williams this week.

India Heckstall ’14, PPF ’17, is now a senior policy analyst at The Center for Law and Social Policy.

Matthew Continetti, Novak ’08, wrote an article for The Liberty Loft about how many underestimate House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Jason Willick, Novak ’17, wrote a piece for The Washington Post about why the Supreme Court’s “ethics” legislation would cause more harm than good.

Kusi Hornberger ’01, ’02 wrote a book called “Scaling Impact” in which he discusses how capitalism tools like finance and investment may have a good impact on the world.

Alexandra Seymour, PPF ’18, was interviewed for an article about the Taiwan Cybersecurity Resiliency Act published in The Hill.

Gloria Alvarez ’08 was interviewed by John Stossel on why she is running for president of Guatemala. Gloria is a libertarian commentator, viral social media influencer and activist who promotes freedom for Latin America and the world.

Carter Moxley ’22 announced that he will start a Congressional internship with Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy.

Yasmin Kayali ’01, ’03 will speak at the Wilson Center on May 9th about “Women, Business, and the Law 2023: Findings and Reform Efforts in the Middle East.”

Tom Sileo, Novak ’10, wrote an article for The Stream about the introduction of a Barbie doll with Down Syndrome.

Carine Hajjar, Rago ’22, wrote an opinion piece for The Wall Street Journal in which she states that she believes New York’s migrant crisis is about to get worse.

Post of the Week

Incoming TFAS student Zachary Welch announced to his network on LinkedIn that he accepted an internship with the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration, where he will work in the Office of Northern and Western European Affairs. He expressed gratitude to TFAS for connecting him with ITA. He also stated that this summer he will be a Defense + National Security Fellow in TFAS’s International Affairs program track.

TFAS is looking forward to meeting Zachary and the other students in Washington, D.C., soon! 


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