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International Affairs


The TFAS D.C. Summer Program track on International Affairs brings together campus leaders who are passionate about global issues and aspire to work in foreign policy, economics or international development.

Through a course on international economic policy, students examine how economic institutions, property rights and the operation of markets differ across countries. Drawing on historical examples, the course explores how these economic foreign policies affect income, poverty, trade and political stability. During the day, students intern at a variety of think tanks, embassies, congressional offices and international nongovernmental organizations.

I learned the importance economics has in human flourishing and the kind of opportunities that we take for granted in the U.S.” – Clara Jace ’16 

Special events and guest lecture components of the International Affairs D.C. Summer Program are tailored to complement the students’ real-world internship experience and course study:

  • Guest lectures led by top D.C. foreign relations experts and former diplomats
  • Behind-the-scenes briefings at the World Bank, State Department and embassies
  • Mentor program with working D.C. professionals
  • Small group discussions at leading D.C. policy groups and international NGOs

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