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Liberty + Leadership News: May 7


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Andrés Guilarte Shares Truths About Socialism With College Students

TFAS Outreach Fellows Andrés Guilarte and Jorge Galicia continue their journeys across the United States warning about the false promises of socialism that destroyed their native Venezuela.

Prior to his presentation to students at University of Jamestown in South Dakota, Guilarte spoke with The Jamestown Sun to share his story and explain how he became an activist fighting for freedom.

Guilarte (right) meets with a student at the University of Jamestown’s College Republicans chapter following his presentation.

“ … Pretty much my whole life as a student I was fighting against the totalitarian regime,” he told The Sun. “Being on the streets and doing activism only with nonprofits, college groups but also political parties. Doing everything we can to oust the regime over there. But that’s a dangerous business. Those people, they don’t care about your life, they don’t care at all. If they have to chase you, they will. If they’re going to persecute you, kidnap you or torture they will if they can. And they always usually can.”

As he does with college students across the U.S., Guilarte also shared the history of the rise and fall of Venezuela’s economy from prosperity to poverty and how socialist policies contributed to its downfall.

He explained how one of his goals for the presentations is for more students to understand “that those kind of policies, price control, public control, going against freedom of speech, controlling small businesses licenses, many many socialist policies” are like a cancer.

To hear more from Guilarte, please read the full interview in The Jamestown Sun. You can learn more about the college campus speaking tour at TFAS.org/Venezuela.

Newest Legacy Society Member Supports TFAS While Gaining Increased Financial Security

While the world slowly recovers from the COVID-19 outbreak, our economic future looks uncertain as we assess the damage the pandemic and shutdowns have inflicted on our economy. Many TFAS supporters want to continue to help our critical work, but not at the expense of their financial security.

TFAS supporters help us reach thousands of young leaders around the globe with the principles of limited government, free-market economics and honorable leadership.

Fortunately, donors have many options to support TFAS while maintaining their current financial status and creating new streams of revenue. One of TFAS’s newest supporters recently took advantage of these options.

This individual, who wishes to remain anonymous, became the newest member of TFAS’s Legacy Society by donating his home as a planned gift to TFAS.

Valued at over $1.4 million, the property is a great future asset to TFAS. In return, this supporter retains the ability to live in his home, and he draws income from TFAS in the form of a charitable gift annuity. The supporter also received a significant income tax deduction upon making the gift.

This donation allows him to accomplish both of his goals: generating income that allows him to travel unencumbered every year while supporting an organization that educates courageous leaders inspired to advance the ideas of individual liberty, personal responsibility and economic freedom throughout the world.

Read more about the lasting impact of the TFAS Legacy Society and this unique planned gift at TFAS.org/PlannedGift.

The People Behind the Programs: Andrea Weiss

TFAS high school programs division, the Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE), introduces young individuals to an economic way of thinking about national and international issues. Our faculty members are high-energy individuals who breathe life into the programs they facilitate, making each program unforgettable for students and teachers alike. Longtime FTE Program Coordinator and alumna Andrea Weiss, FTE ’05, is one of the dedicated individuals who make economics memorable for hundreds of young leaders each year.

Andrea Weis (second from right) on campus with FTE Program Coordinators at an Economics For Leaders program.

Andrea Weiss is as passionate about FTE as she is adventurous – that is to say, extremely! She first became involved with FTE when she attended an Economics for Leaders (EFL) program at Hillsdale College in 2005. Just three years later, she began working as a program coordinator, a position that is indispensable to the success of the summer program participants.

In her role as a program coordinator, Weiss assists in leadership instruction and oversees student participants in multiple EFL programs each summer. Having worked with FTE for so long, Weiss has taken on additional responsibilities to help each program run more smoothly. This position allows Weiss to mentor students, motivate them, provide guidance, and foster camaraderie.

One of the most rewarding aspects of her job is being able to witness the personal growth the students undergo in such a short amount of time.

“It’s amazing to see the students working their way through our leadership curriculum, learning about themselves and how they make choices, and how those choices impact the group,” Weiss explained.

Learn more about Weiss and her dedication to students at TFAS.org/Weiss.


Post of the Week

Capital Semester students joined the TFAS Alumni Network with a Closing Ceremony at TFAS Headquarters in Washington, D.C., last week.


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Lexi Hudson, Novak ’19, writes on the importance of classical works of literature for The Bulwark.

Katherine Mangu-Ward, Novak ’05, writes about politics’ influence on planning for the future for Reason.

TFAS Regent Emeritus Lee Edwards examines Biden’s potential as president in the Washington Examiner.

Erin Mundahl, Novak ’16, explains recent California legislation that will increase dependence on foreign oil for Energy in Depth.

Stephanie Slade, Novak ’16, draws comparisons between Christianity and politics for Reason.

Bill Wirtz ’17 writes about Russia’s relations abroad for The American Conservative.

Brian Ruddle ’13 is named Vice President of Potomac Strategy Group.

Justin Black ’18, ’19 and Alexis Lenderman-Black ’17, ’19 were featured on American Enterprise Institute’s podcast with AEI Resident Fellows Naomi Schaefer Riley, Novak ’01, and Ian Rowe.

TFAS Law Fellowship Board of Visitors member Ilya Shapiro testified at a Senate subcommittee hearing on “Supreme Court Fact Finding and the Distortion of American Democracy.”

Professor Bradley Thompson explains philosophical and moral underpinnings behind the Declaration of Independence on Bill of Rights Institute’s scholar talks webinar.

Frank Lee ’19 was hired by Crypsis, a Palo Alto Networks Company, as a Digital Forensics and Incident Response Associate Consultant.

Paul Mullen, PPF ’19, was promoted to Marketing Analyst at The Heritage Foundation.

TFAS alumnus Mark Levin ’76 will release his newest book “American Marxism” in July. Joel Pollak, Novak ’18, writes about the resounding pre-sales success of Levin’s book for Breitbart.

Jelena Jevtic ’17, ’17 writes about the Kremlin’s disinformation and propaganda campaign in the Western Balkans for the Security Distillery.


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