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March in Brief


What happened in the TFAS network during the month of March? In case you missed it (ICYMI), read on to learn about the largest scholarship bequest in TFAS’s history, who will be the 2019 Kenneth Y. Tomlinson Award winner, the latest from TFAS International program alumni and more! Stay up to date on the latest TFAS news by subscribing to our weekly newsletter at TFAS.org/SignUp.

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Largest Scholarship Donation in TFAS’s History

In March, The Fund for American Studies announced a $3 million gift – the largest bequest for student scholarships in TFAS’s 52-year history. The generous gift comes from longtime TFAS supporters Fred and Georganna Long and will allow more deserving students to attend TFAS academic programs – no matter their financial status.

The Long’s bequest will greatly expand the number of scholarships available to students under the new Leadership Scholars Program, one of five priorities of the Liberty + Leadership Campaign. Launched publicly in 2018 with the goal to raise $25 million to build on and expand the transformational work TFAS accomplishes every year, the campaign now has commitments of more than $19.5 million.

Fred was always very interested in developing the next generation of leaders. He loved America and the ideas and institutions that maintain our freedom and give people space to be entrepreneurs and innovators.”

Roger Ream ’76, TFAS President

The Longs have left a lasting impression of TFAS programs with their generosity. The couple endowed a scholarship fund for students attending our D.C. Summer Programs Public Policy + Economics track and established a scholarship program that enables cadets from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy to attend our TFAS International Programs in Hong Kong and Prague. Read more about Fred and Georganna and their generous gift at TFAS.org/News.

$3 Million Bequest Provides Single Largest Scholarship Gift in TFAS History

Alumnae Recognized During Women’s History Month

Several TFAS alumnae were recognized for their leadership and achievements during Women’s History Month. Read on to learn about just a few of the incredible women who are part of the TFAS Alumni Network.

  • Ashley Philipsen ’06 was featured by Forbes for her work in revitalizing Tulsa, Oklahoma, as deputy chief of community development & policy.
  • The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute featured Alexis Lenderman ’17, who participated in the TFAS and Reagan Institute Capital Semester on Leadership in the American Presidency, for her achievements and example of leadership. Lenderman will soon become one of the mere 3% of foster youth who graduate from college. Next, she’ll continue her TFAS Journey at our TFAS International program in Hong Kong this summer.
  • Samantha Summers ’13, PPF ’16, opined in the Daily Times about the dangers of minimum wages. A new minimum wage survey conducted by Summer’s organization, the Employment Policies Institute (EPI), found that nearly three-quarters of U.S. economists say a $15 minimum wage is a bad idea.
  • TFAS alumna Carrie Sheffield, Novak ’06, EJI ’06, was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal’s “Secrets of Wealthy Women” podcast. In it, Sheffield talks about how she built her business and changed her perspective on money.
  • Laura Vanderkam ’99, Novak ’06, published her latest book, “Juliet’s School of Possibilities: A Little Story About the Power of Priorities,” and made Entrepreneur’s list of the “15 of the Best Time Management and Productivity Books of All Time” and appeared on CBS This Morning to talk about making time for priorities and the never ending issue of procrastination.

Tim Carney Next Tomlinson Award Recipient

TFAS is proud to announce Tim Carney, Novak ’03, as the 2019 Kenneth Y. Tomlinson Award Winner. TFAS Trustee Fred Barnes will present Carney with the award at the 2019 Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Alumni Award Dinner on May 9.

His 2003 Novak Fellowship project, “Regulatory Robber Barons,” allowed him to write his first book, “The Big Ripoff: How Big Business and Big Government Steal Your Money” and launched Carney’s career as a respected journalist and commentator on economic competition, cronyism and American civil institutions. Today, Carney is the commentary editor at the Washington Examiner and author of the best-selling new book, “Alienated America: Why Some Places Thrive While Others Collapse.”

The dinner, hosted at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., will also honor the life of the late journalist Robert Novak and recognize current and past Novak Fellows who are continuing Novak’s legacy through award-winning and groundbreaking reporting. Register today to reserve your seat for a night celebrating journalistic integrity.

An Alienated America

Carney’s new book, a Washington Post bestseller, uses data analysis to identify what he says is the true factor behind the decline of the American dream – the collapse of institutions that made America successful, including marriage, church and civic life.

Fellow TFAS alumnus and 2019 TFAS Annual Conference speaker Michael Brendan Dougherty, Novak ’09, writes in the National Review that Carney’s book is “the best place for conservatives – or anyone of goodwill – to start talking about the future of American politics and society.” TFAS Grewcock Senior Scholar Dr. Donald Devine writes in Newsmax that Carney’s “meticulous poll research and relentless interviewing reveal something most others dismiss. This alienation was not primarily about economics but about a loss of community belonging.”

Carney has appeared on AEI’s “Banter” and the “Federalist Radio Hour” to discuss the book and the idea of the American dream.

2019 Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Alumni Dinner

ICYMI: Updates from TFAS International Alumni

Looking for more TFAS news? Catch up on what our TFAS International program alumni have published recently and then sign up for our newsletter!

  • Jakub Janda ’13 head of the Kremlin Watch Program, was interviewed by StopFake.org about the current trends of Russian disinformation in Europe and the role of governments, journalists and civil society in denouncing disinformation.
  • Daniel Medvedovsky ’18 delivered a “TEDx Talk” on what small cities can do to generate more opportunities for young people.
  • Kanan Dhru ’12 spoke on a panel about youth and social media and their role in democracy.
  • Fabio Valentini ’19 writes for Caraota Digital about why principles still matter in Venezuela.

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