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Why Support TFAS? The Differentiating Power of Leadership and Discipline


I want to extend my thanks to Roger [Ream], Steve [Slattery] and the whole TFAS staff for helping more and more students understand how important liberty is to having the life we have here.” – Frayda Levy, TFAS Supporter

TFAS Supporter Frayda Levy shares why she gives support to TFAS and trusts the organization to develop new and effective programming during the Founders’ Day celebration.

When TFAS celebrated its 53rd year and the successful completion of a $25 million campaign on Feb. 6, generous supporter Frayda Levy raised a glass to the organization’s success and reflected on why she chooses to support TFAS.


Levy took to the stage during the TFAS Founders’ Day celebration and identified leadership and discipline as two distinguishing factors of why she trusts TFAS to develop new and effective programming.

Students leave TFAS “able to really exemplify the wisdom of liberty that they have learned,” she said.

Levy has funded a TFAS program to send Venezuelan political activists Jorge Galicia (left) and Andrés Guilarte (right) to college campuses to advocate against socialism.

Last year, Levy and her husband Ken provided campaign support to establish a new campus outreach project, “Venezuela: My Story … Your Future?” to help college students see the cost of socialist policies on real individuals. The project enlists the help of Venezuelan exiles Andrés Guilarte and Jorge Galicia to visit college campuses and share their eyewitness perspectives of how socialist policies led to the complete collapse of their country.

“College students are succumbing to the belief that somehow socialism is going to solve problems. We knew we had to counter this,” said Levy. “Our two speakers are here to help students understand that those socialist promises quickly lead to Venezuela.”

TFAS Supporter Frayda Levy celebrates the campaign success with Public Policy Fellows during TFAS Founders’ Day.

TFAS launched the project in October 2019. In just four months, Guilarte and Galicia have spoken to more than 500 students and have more than 40 confirmed or pending upcoming lectures.

The Founders’ Day celebration and campaign announcement brought together 140 TFAS students, alumni, supporters, faculty and friends to commemorate the accomplishments of the campaign and to pledge a recommitment to teaching liberty and leadership to rising generations for decades to come. Between the alumni and student attendees, all six decades of TFAS programs were represented during the evening event.

Over 3,700 individuals supported the TFAS 50th Anniversary Liberty + Leadership Campaign. We are so grateful to those who contributed and helped us reach our goal. Thank you for investing in young leaders and helping us to teach them the lessons of liberty and leadership. To read more about the campaign’s success and Founders’ Day event, visit TFAS.org/50thGoal.

View more photos from the TFAS Founders’ Day celebration on Facebook.

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