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Liberty + Leadership News: June 4, 2020


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TFAS alumni, staff and faculty continue to provide coverage of COVID-19. Read their analysis, information and tips by visiting this week’s “Quick Links.”

TFAS Is Leading Voice In Virtual Internships

Two articles in The Hill feature TFAS voices.

Despite challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and closures by partner organizations, TFAS remains committed to providing our transformational academic internship programs online this summer through the TFAS Virtual Summer program.

As a swift, early adopter, the TFAS team has worked quickly to shift our vital summer programs to a virtual format. Our efforts to bring the best of Washington directly to students’ homes were recently featured in two articles in The Hill.

In an op-ed, TFAS Executive Vice President Steve Slattery shares his thoughts on how virtual internships can benefit both students and employers and explains how hosting remote interns can be an opportunity for organizations to take advantage of emerging technology and explore new ways to meet the needs of students seeking professional experience.

During these unprecedented times, we have a real opportunity to experiment with new ways of learning and working that previously may have been considered off-limits.” – TFAS Executive Vice President Steve Slattery, The Hill

When The Hill was looking to shed more light on the state of internships in the nation’s capital, reporters sought out expertise from TFAS Director of U.S. Programs Joe Starrs. In a recent interview, Starrs shares the challenges of hosting remote interns, offering his firsthand experience in working to match students with employers for our virtual program.

You can read more about this coverage and how TFAS is leading in virtual internships at TFAS.org/HillArticles.

Law Fellows Begin TFAS Summer With Virtual Orientation, Alumni Panel Discussion

TFAS welcomed 26 bright young leaders to the 2020 Summer Law Fellowship during a virtual orientation and alumni panel discussion on May 22. The Fellows hail from top law schools across the country, including Florida State University, George Washington University, Villanova University and Georgetown University.

Alumna Glynis Gilio, Law ’19 (left), shared her alumni testimony at the virtual welcome.

TFAS Law Program Director Colin Parks said the members of this year’s remarkable cohort have successful futures ahead of them.

“Although we are not able to meet in person yet, we’re excited to see what the summer holds for our 2020 Summer Law Fellowship,” Parks said. “This year’s class represents an impressive, diverse group of future attorneys who are sure to make significant contributions to the advancement of originalism and limited government principles.”

The highly competitive two-month Fellowship offers coursework, professional development seminars and networking events, as well as a law and public policy lecture series with leading constitutional scholars, judges and practicing attorneys.

You can learn more about this summer’s program and meet the 2020 class at TFAS.org/Law20.

2020 DeJoy-Wos Scholars Announced

2018 DeJoy Wos scholars celebrate a successful summer in Washington, D.C. at the 2018 TFAS Closing Ceremony.

TFAS is pleased to announce this year’s DeJoy-Wos scholarship recipients for our summer 2020 academic internship program. North Carolina business leader Louis DeJoy and his wife, former U.S. Ambassador Dr. Aldona Wos have provided $100,000 in scholarship funding to enable North Carolina college students to participate in the TFAS Virtual Summer.

In the third year of a five-year gift, funded through the Louis DeJoy and Aldona Wos Family Foundation, full and partial scholarships are awarded to North Carolina students, with priority given to students with financial need. In addition to internships and courses, students will participate in a one-on-one mentoring program, professional development seminars, guest lectures by top policy experts, career exploration panels, small group discussions, site briefings with key government leaders and virtual networking events.

Read more about this year’s scholarship recipients at TFAS.org/DeJoyWos20.

Economics Lesson of the Week: International Markets

TFAS continues to provide resources to help teachers and parents continue the important task of educating our nation’s future leaders. Each week, we feature a different lesson from our high school programming division – the Foundation for Teaching Economics (FTE).

This week’s lesson is “International Markets.” In this lesson, students apply the model of supply and demand to international markets for goods and services and currencies. Interactive online resources, videos and discussion of contemporary trade issues connect the students to the larger (and sometimes invisible) world in which they exchange.

TFAS offers a plethora of online lesson plans, readings, handouts, video demonstrations and hands-on activity guides to teach the “economic way of thinking” in engaging and relatable ways. Visit TFAS.org/FTELessons for a one-stop guide to our available resources.

Post of the Week

TFAS congratulates our many alumni who have graduated this spring. Read below to see the alumni who obtained new degrees and received honors.



The recently released TFAS video where Venezuelan activist and campus speakers Jorge Galicia and Andrés Guilarte highlight the similarities of the U.S. during an economic shutdown and life under socialism was featured in an article on Fox News. In the video, Galicia and Guilarte use real life examples to show how Venezuela under Maduro was an example of how socialism leads to less freedom and less prosperity.

My mission right now is to speak loud and to share my story about what happened and why Venezuela went from being one of the richest nations around the world to being one of the poorest right now — and pretty much the answer is socialism.” – Jorge Galicia tells Fox News

The article has received over 12.6K shares and interactions on Facebook, and the video has garnered 250,000 views across social media.

TFAS D.C. Programs speaker Karith Foster was featured on a Fox & Friends panel of mothers to discuss the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent state unrest. Next week, Foster will open our 2020 TFAS Virtual Summer with a timely lecture on “Civil Discourse in Uncivil Times.” This will mark Foster’s fourth summer speaking to our U.S. Summer Academic Internship Program.

Dima Williams ’14 shares how to minimize angst when making a long-distance move during the coronavirus pandemic in The Washington Post.

Kristin Tate, Novak ’19, opines for The Hill on how the coronavirus outbreak will impact the future of New York City’s population numbers.

Alexandra Hudson, Novak ’19, explores how following George Washington’s rules of civility could prevent the further spread of COVID-19 in a piece for Newsweek.

TFAS Trustee Emeritus Mitch Daniels opines for the Washington Post on why school administrators have a duty to reopen college campuses this fall.

Jennifer Kabbany, Novak ’02, explores liability protection issues facing universities across the country as administrators establish plans to reopen campuses this fall in The College Fix.

Naomi Schaefer Riley, Novak ’01, discusses how the lockdown has impacted victims of child abuse in a piece for City Journal.

Alexandra Hudson, Novak ’19, opines for USA Today on how American leaders must recognize the value of grassroots innovators in the coronavirus crisis.

Erin Mundahl, Novak ’16, writes for Western Wire on the economic impact in Colorado of the declining gas and oil industry.

TFAS senior scholar James Otteson shares how market forces can get rid of bad businesses and charities in a piece for the Daily Signal.

Chris White, Novak ’13, shares Catholic leaders’ responses to the death of George Floyd in a piece for Crux.

TFAS professor Dr. Don Boudreaux discusses the economics of reopening the country in an interview with Dan Proft ’93 on the The Dan Proft Show.

Ian Marcus Corbin, Novak ’13, opines for the Washington Post on how new telework trends could repopulate rural areas across America.

Andrew Powaleny ’08, PPF ’11, discusses the biopharmaceutical response to COVID-19 in a radio interview with WPHM.

Kristin Tate, Novak ’19, opines for The Federalist on how the coronavirus crisis has revealed motives of power hungry public officials amid nationwide lockdowns.

Jenn Kabbany, Novak ’02, shares advice in the College Fix for high school graduates considering a gap year before college due to COVID-19.

Graham Kilmer ’15 reports for Urban Milwaukee on the lowest number of unemployment claims since the pandemic’s outset.

Kari Travis, ’12, Novak ’18, shares North Carolina lawmakers’ unemployment concerns in a piece for the Carolina Journal .

Joel Pollak, Novak ’18, reports on decreased COVID-19 death numbers in San Francisco in Breitbart News.

Josh Holdenried, PPF ’18, discusses the role of faith-based institutions during the coronavirus pandemic in an interview for the “Lisa Hendey & Friends” podcast.

Jared Keller ’08 shares South Korea’s plans to honor Navajo people who fought in the Korean War by delivering them PPE in a piece for Task & Purpose.

Peter Suderman, Novak ’10, writes for Reason on how to-go alcohol sales could become the new norm in the D.C. metro area.

Law Board of Visitors member and TFAS mentor, Ilya Shapiro, opines for Newsweek on the unconstitutionality of a nationwide lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Haley Britzky ’16 reports for Task & Purpose on the Secretary of Defense’s warnings of second wave of COVID-19 in leaked Pentagon memo.

Matthew Walther, Novak ’10, discusses details of a forced labor lawsuit involving infrastructure projects financed by the EU in a piece for The Week.

Joy Pullmann, Novak ’13, defends U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as a “cultural icon” in America in a piece for The Federalist.

Bill Shaughnessy ’07 discusses his baseball career at Mercer University, as well as life after college and law school in this alumni profile.

Alexandra Hudson, Novak ’19, discusses civic renewal in an episode of Tennessee Voices with David Plazas.

Martin Rodriguez ’15, PPF ’15, discusses the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to increase public transparency, representing Americans for Prosperity in this press release.


Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship Network founder and TFAS alumnus Mike Caslin ’78 has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship for leadership in social entrepreneurship.

TFAS and King’s College alumni Paul Glader ’99, ’00 and Wes Parnell ’17, ’18 have been accepted to Fulbright programs.

Sandra Sadek ’19 graduated from Texas State University and joined the Katy Times’ news team as an intern this summer. Read her first byline covering local construction project news, grant updates and area COVID-19 cases.

Courtland Culver ’19 is now a re-employment assistance communications coordinator at the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

Mike Jayne ’07, PPF ’13, has won a Federalist Society writing contest for his article titled “As Far As Reasonably Practicable: Reimagining the Role of Congress in Agency Rulemaking.”

Katie Boothroyd ’08 is the internal communications global officer for the International Justice Mission.

Angela McCallum ’19 is an elected official outreach coordinator for Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

Allie Rodriguez ’19 graduated from Florida Atlantic University and will begin her graduate studies in international security at George Mason University.

Codie Drake TFAS ’16, ’17 graduated from Trinity College Dublin Masters of Philosophy Program and is interning at the Cambodian Center for Human Rights.

Austin Sheehy ’15 obtained his Juris Doctorate from University of Oklahoma College of Law.

Emily Pavolini ’19 graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Mike Ingram obtained his Juris Doctorate from Georgetown Law.

Melissa Coyle ’18 graduated from Chapman University.

Madhuri Belkale ’18 graduated from the University of Iowa.

Krista Viksnins ’15 graduated from University of St. Thomas Law School.

Nensi Mkrtchyan ’19 graduated from the French University in Armenia.

Sara Chehade ’19 obtained her International Affairs bachelor’s degree from American University of Science and Technology.

Ali Tinai ’19 earned a bachelor’s in International Politics from Western Michigan University.

Emily Stoehr ’19 graduated from the College of Wooster.

Isis Benjamin ’19 graduated from Spelman College.

Logan Hart ’19 obtained a degree in Political Science from Brescia University in Kentucky.

Hafizullah Saeedi ’19 earned a degree in International and Comparative Politics from American University – Central Asia.


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