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TFAS Becomes Leading Voice in Remote D.C. Internships


Despite challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and closures by partner organizations, TFAS remains committed to providing our transformational academic internship programs online this summer through the TFAS Virtual Summer program.

TFAS Executive Vice President Steve Slattery shares why virtual internships benefit both students and employers in an op-ed in The Hill.

As a swift, early adopter, the TFAS team has worked quickly to shift our vital summer programs to a virtual format. Our efforts to bring the best of Washington directly to students’ homes were recently featured in two articles in The Hill.

In an op-ed, TFAS Executive Vice President Steve Slattery shares his thoughts on how virtual internships can benefit both students and employers.

“Since virtual interns will be out of the daily view of the office’s internships supervisors, the reliable self-starters will more easily stand out, making it easier to determine to which interns to extend job offers once the internship ends,” he writes.

Slattery also points out that hosting remote interns can be an opportunity for organizations to take advantage of emerging technology and explore new ways to meet the needs of students seeking professional experience.

tfas virtual summer
TFAS is bringing the best of D.C. to students across the globe this summer through virtual programming.

“During these unprecedented times, we have a real opportunity to experiment with new ways of learning and working that previously may have been considered off-limits,” Slattery explains.

When The Hill was looking to shed more light on the state of internships in the nation’s capital, reporters sought out expertise from TFAS Director of U.S. Programs Joe Starrs. In a recent interview, Starrs shares the challenges of hosting remote interns, explaining that government offices and federal agencies have yet to determine a protocol for virtual internships that would allow for necessary security measures.

During these unprecedented times, we have a real opportunity to experiment with new ways of learning and working that previously may have been considered off-limits.” – TFAS Executive Vice President Steve Slattery, The Hill

However, students’ optimism and our goals to equip the next generation of leaders encouraged TFAS to work to make the program impactful, not only through the connections, courses and briefings, but also through working with our partners to secure top-notch remote internships in the D.C. area.

The Hill interviewed Joe Starrs, TFAS director of U.S. Programs, to learn more about the impact of the coronavirus on D.C. summer internships.

Vice President of U.S. Programs Shane Mazzella says it’s vital that the team works to ensure that TFAS Virtual Summer brings the same transformational academic and professional experience that our D.C. Summer Programs have provided in-person for fifty years.

“I am motivated and inspired by the work of our team,” Mazzella said. “They are working tirelessly to ensure we continue to advance the TFAS mission and educate the next generation of responsible leaders.”

Read more about how TFAS virtual internships prepare both students and employers for success at TFAS.org/VirtualInternBenefits.


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