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TFAS Launches Virtual Programs for 2020 International Students


Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, subsequent closings and logistical difficulties, TFAS is unable to hold in-person programs in Europe and Asia this summer. Although we are saddened to not be able to greet our students in Prague and Singapore, we are excited to announce new virtual programs that will connect students all across the globe for an exchange of ideas and meaningful engagement.

TFAS Global Political Economy Seminar

Students previously enrolled in this summer’s TFAS Prague and Asia programs have been invited to join us for an eight-week TFAS Global Political Economy Seminar. The premier program is a unique global enterprise: combining lessons and featuring professors from TFAS programs held in Prague, Singapore and Washington, D.C.

Through a series of lectures, companion reading materials and live discussion sessions, students will examine the relationship between governments and markets by exploring three alternatives: socialism, the welfare state and classical liberalism.

Students will consider the political philosophy and economics of these three alternatives through lectures on topics such as: “The Rise of Democratic Socialism,” “FDR and the Political Philosophy of the Welfare State,” and “Adam Smith’s Grand Vision of the Human Enterprise.” The seminar’s faculty includes TFAS Academic Director Dr. Anne Bradley, Dr. David Azerrad of Hillsdale College, Dr. Samuel Gregg of the Acton Institute, Dr. Adam Martin of Texas Tech University, Dr. Joshua Mitchell of Georgetown University, and Dr. Vincent Phillip Muñoz of the University of Notre Dame.

Through an online forum and live discussions, students will be able to ask questions of the instructors and encouraged to engage with one another and share their own perspectives. The program will begin on June 29 and culminate in a fireside chat with TFAS faculty on Aug. 24.

In order to provide a meaningful and interactive experience for our students, the program is only available to those previously enrolled in our 2020 TFAS Prague and TFAS Asia programs. However, much of the course material will be made available to the public at a later date.

The program is generously provided to students at no cost thanks to TFAS supporters who are committed to teaching the principles of limited government, free-market economics and honorable leadership to students and young professionals in America and around the world. As this seminar is not a full-time TFAS program, participants will not be graded or provided course credit, and completion does not connote alumni status. However, we hope this seminar gives students a greater interest in the subjects taught by TFAS and encourages them to continue their TFAS education. Participants who successfully complete the program, through active participation in a live discussion session and in the online discussion forum, will receive a certificate from TFAS.

In addition to the TFAS Global Political Economy Seminar, TFAS and The Media Project are teaming up to offer a timely, virtual version of the European Journalism Institute (EJI). Previously enrolled 2020 EJI students will come together in July for a three-part virtual conference titled “Journalism, Liberty, and COVID-19: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”

This virtual gathering will serve as a forum for journalists and media professionals to share experiences and lessons learned during the coronavirus outbreak, and how this unique moment in history will shape the industry going forward.

To learn more about TFAS International programs, visit TFASinternational.org.




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