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Ways to Give


TFAS programs are made possible through the generosity of supporters like you.

Nothing is more important than investing in our ideas and reaching young minds. No institution is doing a better job of that than The Fund for American Studies.” – TFAS Trustee Fred Barnes

The Fund for American Studies is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization and relies solely on the contributions of private foundations, corporations, alumni and other individual donors. We accept no government funds. All gifts, regardless of size, show your support for TFAS. By making a gift, you will reinforce our solid financial footing and help minimize tuition increases. Please feel free to call the development department for information at any time at 202-986-0384. Please keep in mind that our fundraising fiscal year runs from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31.

Where Do I Mail my Gift? 

The most common method of giving to TFAS is by check. In most cases, gifts of cash are fully deductible for donors who itemize their federal income taxes. Please make check payable to The Fund for American Studies and send to:

The Fund for American Studies (TFAS)
1706 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20009

If you wish to receive a prepaid envelope to mail your gift, please call us at 202-986-0384 or email info@TFAS.org.

Can I Donate Online? 

Yes. TFAS accepts online gifts through our secure donation form at www.TFAS.org/Donate.

Can I make a gift over the phone?

Yes. Credit card gifts are accepted over the phone. TFAS accepts American Express, Discover Card, Master Card and Visa. When making a credit card gift by mail or over the phone, please be sure to include or have ready your name as it appears on the card, the account number, the expiration date, and the amount of the gift. Please call the development office at 202-986-0384 with any questions or to make a credit card gift over the phone.

Can I make a recurring monthly gift?

Yes. The Ben Franklin Club allows you to contribute to TFAS student scholarships in small installments. These recurring gifts can truly make the difference and help us share our message of freedom with tomorrow’s leaders. To set up your recurring gift today, visit our online donation form, and designate your gift to recur monthly, quarterly or annually. You can also call us at 202-986-0384 to set up your recurring gift via telephone.

Can I make a pledge to TFAS?

Yes. If you wish to contribute, but do not want to make an immediate payment, you may make a pledge to TFAS. A pledge is a promise to make a specified payment within the fundraising fiscal year (Sept.1 through Aug. 31). Pledges can be made online, by mail, email or phone.

Please call the development office at 202-986-0384 with any questions or to make a pledge over the phone.

Does TFAS accept matching gifts?

Yes. Many corporations match gifts made by employees and their families to charitable institutions. Some will match the gifts of employee spouses and retired employees. Most programs match on a dollar-per-dollar basis, which can double or triple your gift. All matching gifts are credited to you. When making a gift online, select “My company will match my gift” on our donation form. You may also call us at 202-986-0384 to setup your pledge by phone. For specific information about your employer’s matching gift program, please contact your company’s personnel office. It is necessary in all cases for the donor to secure the proper matching gift forms from the corporation and to submit them to TFAS in order for us to receive the matching gifts.

How do I make a gift of stock to TFAS?

By giving a gift of common stock held longer than one year, you avoid all capital gains taxation on the transfer, and TFAS receives the full value of the stock. This enables you to give more to TFAS and less to the IRS. It’s very easy to donate stock. Just contact your broker to transfer some of your holdings to TFAS. You can even set up regular gifts at predetermined intervals, such as the first Monday of each quarter. Click here to give a gift of stock today.


If you are 70.5 or older, giving from your IRA helps reduce your taxable income — and for those over 73 who must take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), and IRA gift is a simple way to fulfill it! We have invested in a secure IRA donation tool to make it easier than ever to give from your IRA, and receive tax benefits. It only takes a few minutes to use, and will auto-complete your paperwork for you.

Please note: When you donate from your IRA, please use the link below so we can track your gift and send you the right receipt, and you can get the tax savings you deserve. Give from your IRA today.


We now accept donations of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies! This gives us one more way to fund our work and can provide you with extra tax benefits. Give cryptocurrency today.


Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) are investment accounts for the sole purpose of supporting charitable organizations today. If you have a DAF, you can use this secure DAF-giving tool, created by TFAS’s smart giving partner FreeWill, to make your impact today.

FreeWill’s DAF tool integrates with your DAF custodian automatically and saves you the extra step of notifying us about your gift. By using the link below, you can:

  • Recommend how you’d like your grant to be allocated
  • Communicate your wishes to TFAS
  • Share the details of your DAF grant
  • Make your grant recommendation

Using this tool to grant from your DAF also saves us a lot of time, so thank you! It’s also a great way to ensure we have consistent financial support while saving cash for immediate needs. Make a grant from your DAF today.

Can I make a wire transfer to TFAS?

Yes. If you would like to make a gift by wire transfer, please call us at  202-986-0384 or email info@TFAS.org.

How can I make income-producing gifts and bequests to TFAS?

There are additional, extremely meaningful ways to contribute to TFAS’s future while earning tax benefits and/or income for yourself or a loved one. Some other forms of giving include but are not limited to pooled income funds, gift annuities, charitable trusts, and bequests.

To learn more, call us at 202-986-0384 or email info@TFAS.org.

How Can I Donate A Vehicle to TFAS?

You can give a vehicle donation through careasy.org. Donate your unwanted vehicles to The Fund for American Studies by simply completing the form below or visiting https://TFAS.careasy.org/home. careasy.org will reach out to you to arrange the pick-up of your vehicle donation, at no cost to you. You may qualify for a tax deduction while supporting TFAS!