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TFAS Prague


In 1993 – four years after the fall of the Berlin Wall – TFAS launched its first international program, TFAS Prague, in the capital of the Czech Republic. Through academic courses, guest lectures and conflict management exercises, TFAS Prague students tackle some of the more complex political and economic issues facing today’s world.

TFAS students participate in a conflict management simulation at the Czech Parliament in Prague.

The competitive program brings together approximately 100 outstanding students from North America, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia each summer. The wide range of nationalities, religions and ethnicities represented at TFAS Prague gives participants the chance to share experiences that can benefit their educational and professional development.

Inside the TFAS Prague classroom, students participate in an interdisciplinary academic course that explores the political and economic foundations of a free society. Accredited through TFAS Prague’s longtime academic partner, Charles University, the challenging coursework includes readings from economists and liberty-minded thinkers including Bastiat, de Tocqueville, Mises, Hayek, and Adam Smith.

TFAS Prague is an intensive three-week academic, social and cultural experience that will enrich you beyond any expectations and that will pay off through your entire lifetime!” – Carolina Zaccato ’16 of Argentina

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