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TFAS Asia Students
An interdisciplinary course on “Classical Liberalism and the American Founding” teaches TFAS Asia students about the interconnected relationship between economic and political freedom.

In 2001, following China’s admittance into the World Trade Organization, The Fund for American Studies established TFAS Asia. The annual summer program brings together outstanding young leaders from across Asia and the U.S. for a three-week study of the principles of a free society. Through educational, cultural and social exchange, these student leaders form life-long friendships and learn how America’s founding principles can help them advocate for freedom and generate prosperity in their home countries.

TFAS Asia 2024 will be held in Singapore in partnership with nationally ranked National University of Singapore (NUS), and with accreditation provided through TFAS academic partner, George Mason University.

TFAS [Asia] was a learning experience for me through the theories of Locke, Hume, Tocqueville, the American Constitution, Austrian model of economics and public choice economics  … The extent to which my knowledge increased in these three weeks surpasses all the things that I have learned in my entire life. – Kranti Pageni ’15 of Nepal

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