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Novak Program Founder


Thomas L. Phillips, Founder and Chairman Emeritus
The Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Program

Thomas L Phillips, chairman emeritus of the Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Program, gives remarks at the National Press Club.

Thomas L. Phillips is the founder and chairman emeritus of the Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Program. In 1990, he founded The Phillips Foundation to advance Constitutional principles, a democratic society and a vibrant free-enterprise system. Under his leadership, the foundation launched the Novak Fellows Program in 1994. The program moved to TFAS in 2013 where Phillips continues to serve as an honorary chairman of the program. He is also the founder of Eagle Publishing, America’s leading source of books, periodicals and online services with a conservative, free-enterprise focus.

Each year, TFAS presents the Thomas L. Phillips Career Achievement Award to a leader who has made major contributions to the field of journalism during a long and distinguished career. The annual prize is presented each year at the Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Awards Dinner.