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Thomas L. Phillips Career Achievement Award


The Thomas L. Phillips Career Achievement Award was inaugurated in 1999 to recognize the accomplishments of a leader who has made major contributions to the field of journalism during a long and distinguished career.

Thomas L. Phillips, the award’s namesake, is a widely respected businessman, philanthropist and patriot. In 1990, he founded The Phillips Foundation to advance constitutional principles, a democratic society and a vibrant free-enterprise system. Under his leadership, The Phillips Foundation launched the Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Awards Program in 1994. Phillips is also the founder of Eagle Publishing, America’s leading source of books, periodicals and online services with a conservative, free-enterprise focus.

Phillips is a trustee emeritus of TFAS Board of Trustees and previously served on the Board of Visitors for the TFAS Institute on Political Journalism (IPJ). He continues to serve today as honorary chairman of the Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Program.

Thomas L. Phillips Award Recipients

2017 Brian Lamb
2016 Andrew Ferguson
2015 Daniel Henninger
2014 John Stossel
2013 Fred Barnes
2012 Paul A. Gigot
2011 Charles Krauthammer
2010 Thomas S. Winter
2009 Brit Hume
2008 Frank Shakespeare
2007 Arnaud de Borchgrave
2006 Rupert Murdoch
2005 Kenneth Y. Tomlinson
2004 Robert L. Bartley
2003 Robert D. Novak
2002 William F. Buckley
2001 James J. Kilpatrick
2000 George F. Will
1999 William Rusher