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Journalism + Communications


The quality of public discourse in a free society depends on the accuracy of information provided by the media. That’s why the TFAS D.C. Summer Program track on Journalism + Communications brings together aspiring reporters, commentators, PR executives and communications specialists for a summer study of what it takes to be a fair and accurate storyteller.

Through a course on “Economics for the Citizen,” students gain a clear understanding of the free-market economic principles necessary to report new stories, as well as the inter-related nature of politics and economics, and how to think critically about society, the market and government. During the day, students intern at a variety of newspapers, online publications, public relations firms and television and radio stations.

I was able to help cover congressional hearings, a press conference by the president’s lawyer, the Congressional Baseball Game and even had the opportunity to attend a White House press briefing. I worked alongside incredibly accomplished reporters and did the work of a professional journalist.” – Elizabeth Elkin ’17

Special events and guest lecture components of the Journalism + Communications D.C. Summer Program are tailored to complement the students’ real-world internship experience and course study:

  • Guest lectures by top D.C. journalists, authors and PR executives
  • Behind-the-scenes briefings at the U.S. Capitol, State Department, National Press Club, Newseum and NPR
  • Professional mentor program with working journalists
  • Small group discussions at leading D.C. print and broadcast outlets

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