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Business + Government Relations


The TFAS D.C. Summer Program track on Business + Government Relations attracts future business and policy leaders to Washington, D.C., for a summer examination of the practical and theoretical questions surrounding the dynamic business-government relationship. Students examine the economic and political issues that shape how business and government interact, as well as the importance of representing the interests of business before Congress.

I was able to meet the CEO of the Fortune 100 company I was working with on the third day of my internship, sit in on meetings with congressmen and represent my company at congressional events. The things I learned at my internship will be extremely valuable when I begin my career after college. – Jeff Skinner ’17

Through a course on “Public Choice Economics,” students use economic analysis to better understand policy, politics and collective decision making, and how to critically evaluate political actions and outcomes. During the day, students intern at a variety of government affairs departments of major corporations and industry trade associations.

Special events and guest lecture components of the Business + Government Relations D.C. Summer Program are tailored to complement the students’ real-world internship experience and course study:

  • Guest lectures led by top D.C. policy experts and business leaders
  • Behind-the-scenes briefings at the U.S. Capitol, State Department and Federal Reserve
  • Mentor program with working D.C. professionals
  • Small group discussions at leading D.C. trade associations and Fortune 500 companies

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